The illicit Neighbor PART 1 – Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne

The illicit Neighbor PART 1 - Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne
under-18-mature-contentThe illicit Neighbor – Part 1 ( 18+ Short Story)

It all started six months ago, a hectic Thursday morning that already had me overly stressed out. Like I do most Thursdays, I was running late for work. Thursdays were my presentation days and for some reason, I could not get it together in time to leave the house early enough. After looking for my car keys for about half an hour, I rushed out of the door, plumped my butt down in my car seat and started the engine. Without the offering of another second to spare, I quickly put the car in reverse. How could I have forgotten the golden rule? Look back, then move!

Suddenly I heard a loud bang. I felt a quick jolt over my body. I slammed on the brakes and stopped the car. I quickly shook off a weird mixed feeling of confusion and annoyance and got out of the car. Mumbling under my breath I walked briskly to the other car to access the damage. Great! I just hit what looked like an expensive car. Upon second glance, I saw that I had hit a Maserati. It was clearly brand new and did not even have plates yet. I knew I was in big trouble. My insurance will go sky high, that’s if they do not drop me. I had to get it together, maybe I could explain my way into an amicable resolution.

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  1. Anonymous

    PART 2 PART 2 PART 2. Loving it already

  2. Kate

    Great start Toni, looking forward to part 2. Sounds spicy already

  3. Anonymous

    talented woman. poetry and short stories? what cant you do?

  4. Don_Segxi

    Hmm…No Maserati but if you scratch my Ford, you are having a bad day.

  5. Anonymous

    God will light your understanding Mummy Zion

  6. ohai emmanuel

    Wow! This is amazing! ur ability to paint pictures nd kp ur readers guessing and asking for more is a potent weapon,ur work is well organized,d everyday experience in a typical African society is what I see,so what’s ur location? Improve on ur usage of figures of speech,ur writing style is great,u remind me of chimamanda,u are jt too much…kp keeping on darling

  7. ademolu

    just a smile after the hit?
    The guy don dey eye u tey tey be that.

  8. Engineering/PM

    Why don’t you do short story movies. I’m sure it’s gonna be amazing.


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