The illicit Neighbor PART 4 – Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne

The illicit Neighbor PART 4 - Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne

under-18-mature-contentThe illicit Neighbor – PART 4 (Short Story  18+)  (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The entire hallway, down to the living room, had been adorned with red rose petals. I could see from where I was standing what looked like a makeshift bedroom fully decorated with a bouquet of roses in every corner. I walked in slowly taking it all in.
“This is beautiful,” I exclaimed.
As I strolled further in, I heard some soft music go on and a fireplace in the corner light up. The temptation to pinch myself was real. How could my life have gone from being ordinary to this in just a day? This couldn’t possibly be real. Peter walked up behind me and asked if I like it.
“I Love it!” “Nobody has ever done something like this for me before,” I told him.
Well, I should give the credit to Jess, she helped me put it together” he said.
I started to thank him but before I could finish, he pulled me close to him, gently planting his lips on mine. He traced his tongue over my lips, then he began to kiss me passionately, holding the small of my back, and gently stroking it. His scent was manly – musky – incredibly sexy. I took a deep breath in an attempt to take in every whiff of him.
My body went weak. This is what I had been wanting all night long and it was finally happening. His lips felt and tasted better than I had imagined.

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16 thoughts on “The illicit Neighbor PART 4 – Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne

  1. If you see the way I rushed my twitter. This is my first time commenting and I want to ask if you have ever considered lending your services to Nollywood? you are a damned good writer. from part 1 to 4 I have been left captivated. looking forward to part 5.

  2. Title makes the thematic aspect ‘scary’ yet the plot has been fantastic. And ur vivid description of ‘loving making’ is rated 20, reader’s discretion is advised.

  3. Just read frm part 1 to 4 nau!d lady don enter one chance for real!!!pity#kudos mommy Zion#cant wait for part5

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