The illicit Neighbor PART 3 – Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne

The illicit Neighbor PART 3 - Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne


The illicit Neighbor – PART 3 (18+ Short Story) (Part 1) (Part 2)

I casually opened my car door, trying hard not to look flustered. Why is he standing here with her? I gave her a quick assessment. She was pretty with a nice build, smooth looking skin and silky long hair – this must be his type.
Stop! Stop! I told my subconscious. “You don’t even know his type so just stop it.” With my handbag daintily hanging in one hand, I emerged out of the car smiling the cheesiest smile ever.

“Hey Peter,” I said trying to sound bubbly.

He reached for my hand as if trying to help me out of the car.

“I saw you drive by and wanted to…. oh! where are my manners, please Kim, meet Jess, my Personal Assistant” he said.
Before I could hold it back, I had heaved a huge sigh of relief which I am certain he must have heard. And judging by the sly smile on his face, it was apparent he knew what I was thinking. I do not know why I cared so much what a man I just met does or who he finds attractive, but I did. I cared so much the thought of him finding Jess attractive had me feeling jealous again. I shook it off, said hello to her and invited them to my house. He declined politely, said they were in a hurry and she only came to drop off something of great importance for tonight. Something of great importance? My curiosity was starting to get the best of me. Should I ask him what it is, or should I continue to keep my composure? I decided it was best to keep my composure.

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  1. please don’t tell me it was the assistant ? he sounds like a great guy please don’t let him be a bad one. I am enjoying every second

  2. Looolz,ur a pitiless Suspense Queen. I don’t know why I have this feeling that ur the main character in ur story! Lmao…Waiting impatiently for Part 4.

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