The illicit Neighbor PART 2 – Romantic Short Love Story by Toni Payne

under-18-mature-contentThe illicit Neighbor – Part 2 (Short Story) – (Part 1)

Excuse me Ms.? The sound of his voice jerked me back to reality. For a quick second, I forgot where I was and what had just happened. I stood there staring, captivated.
“Oh sorry!” I said. ” I just can’t believe I just hit your car.”
I offered to give him my insurance information, but before I could complete my sentence, he stopped me. With a sheepish smile on his face, as if he knew his next move would send me into a state of confusion, he put a warm hand on my shoulder and said, “There will be no need for that.”
“I am not sure what you mean?” I replied.
He smiled at me and said, “Mistakes happen, if you give me your number and let me take you to dinner, we are even.”
I was in shock. Was I dreaming? No, I had to be dreaming. Did this hot guy just ask me out, even though I just hit his super expensive car? I took a deep breath. Not because I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to 20 dinners with him, but because I did not want to sound too eager, after all, this could be too good to be true.

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  1. The suspense ehn!! The other woman? Another neighbour? What if she feels same way as Kim? Peter would cause trouble o..

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