I am not here for some Nigerian Blogs and Plagiarism

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: Kanye West at 106 & Park Studio on April 9, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images)
That picture up there summarizes the look on my face right now!

Where do I begin. I have to say I am extremely disappointed in some of the bigger Nigerian blogs who really should know that coming to my site to take without permission is stealing. I did not write for anyone’s blog consumption. I wrote it for those who genuinely care about us. I wrote it for that person who needed to hear those words. I wrote it for the true fans who wanted reassurance that there is no animosity anywhere so it’s ok to love accordingly. I wrote it to set a better example for the younger ones. How hard is that to accept? 

Some will say ehn expect it if you are a celebrity. Celery ni. lol Leave all this celebrity stuff out of my parole. Someone being in the public view should not stop a blogger from doing their job the correct way. If it was really that important to post, then get your writers to summarize. I do not really care about opinions but when you fail to balance information about someone, you leave this false impression that, that is the only thing the person is about. It is a foul and extremely unprofessional move.

NOTE:  If the only time you post about me is when 9ice’s name is involved, DO NOT, I beg you DO NOT post about me at all.  Everything in life is not about controversy. Sometimes, we just wanna be ourselves and be at peace. I have said this so many times, I am very ok in my little peaceful world.

It is so funny to me how, I have done so many positive things, I released a poetry album, I started doing inspirational speaking yet – minus a small few that are actually sincere about how they feel about you, their unlooking game is A – Class. How sad is it that my work instagram is liked mainly by NON NIGERIANS – Yet I am known in Nigeria. I really don’t know how to put this nicely but do not be for me only when its a topic you feel is “loud”. This is me keeping it 100% no faking my true feelings.

I posted about being featured in a new book, minutes before, how many of them picked up that news? None! Yet when I post something not meant for them, they lift without permission. I am not here for that. If you wish to write, summarize in your own words. If you cannot balance news about me, please I beg you, it is not by force. I do not live in the make believe world of all publicity is good publicity and I do not have an acting career to constantly promote – abeg No fighting.

I really hate to have to do this because I have a good relationship with some bloggers. If I did not give permission, please refrain from lifting things verbatim off my site. I do not want anything I write HERE to be misconstrued in any way. I am doing me. I should never have to feel pressured not to share my thoughts because I feel like some naija blogs will take it and blow it out of proportion. I did that for many years – NO MORE!!!!!!! This is my site, my thoughts, my writings and lifting it is unethical.

If you are not for my well-being, DO NOT be for me at all. If you are not here for my success, leave anything about me well alone. Leave the crap headlines where it belong. Hell, really leave trash for Lawma.

Let things be what they are. Allow something be beautiful without your shock value interpretations. I am so over some of these blogs I swear down, since I figured what most of them are about, they don’t even know how far. My advise to some of these blogs is, it’s a new year – add some professionalism to your game. I’m on my A-Game and none of you can change or divert that.

To the blogs who have managed to balance news about me, even the one I wanted to send small stout to for changing that awful picture of me they always use lol – I appreciate you. To the media professionals who do not see public figures simply as a pawn to get hits to their website, Kudos to you. I brought back Nigerian Entertainment because of this problem. No balance in reporting.

This is not a popularity contest. I am here to focus on my work and share bits of meaningful messages from my personal experiences. E ma so mi di oni wahala – olorun ni mo fi beyin.. Thanks in advance.

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