What type of Kisser are you?

type of  kisserAfter I did the post on how kissing scared me at some point in my life, I thought to myself, kissing is actually a very broad topic. Why not make it the topic of the week. As simple as kissing is, I also think it is a complicated science. You know, finding the right fit is actually a science. lol. Kissing the wrong person can scar you for life – haha.. ok maybe not for life but it is enough to make you wince every time you are about to kiss someone. On the contrary, being a great kisser can shoot you right up there in the kissing hall of fame, and you know how it is when you know you are good at something. 

Types of Kissers

There are different types of kissers so to master the science of kissing, you need to find the perfect fit. What do I mean by the perfect fit? Well, lets say if you like sloppy kisses, you do not want someone who gives slow not so sloppy kisses. Gerrit? ok !

The Swallow The Face Kisser: The swallow the face kisser is that kisser who uses their entire mouth to kiss you. I tend to stay away from this type of kisser because I do not need anyone’s saliva all up on my nose. Yes oh yes the swallow the face kisser will engulf your entire mouth and even go as far as touching parts of your nose. Imagine two swallow your face kissers going at it. Awkward!

The Slobber Sloppy Kisser: The Slobber Sloppy Kisser is self-explanatory. This type of kisser can not and I repeat can not keep their spit to themselves. They darn near wet your entire face. The slobber sloppy kisser will transfer large puddles of spit to your mouth so you have to be extra careful when kissing them. I am not sure if the slobber sloppy kisser simply produces a lot of spit and can’t help themselves or maybe they just think it is cute to slobber on the person they are kissing, either way kissing the slobber sloppy kisser can get messy.

The Clamped Mouth Kisser: This type of kisser sorta french kisses with a closed mouth. Yes it is very possible to do that. They clamp down on your lips and sorta just manuever their way around the kiss. Kissing a clamped mouth kisser can get confusing if you are not a clamped mouth kisser yourself.

The Alpha Kisser: The Alpha kisser is a passionate kisser. They kiss to the tune of their partner. They allow their partner lead and they follow. They know what to do and when to do it. The Alpha kisser gets it just right all the time.

So, these are some types of kissers. The list is obviously longer than this but for the sake of keeping it simple, these are some you need to know – lol. So what type of kisser do you think you are? Dont lie. lol

2 thoughts on “What type of Kisser are you?

  1. Anything like tongue twister kisser ….LOL.
    I dont think my category is here but maybe a little bit of an Alpha kisser.

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