The Essential Guide to Becoming A Solo Traveler

The Essential Guide to Becoming A Solo Traveler

The Essential Guide to Becoming A Solo Traveler

If you are planning to go solo on a trip for the first time, you must certainly have a lot of questions in mind. Be it regarding the places you should visit or the things you should pack, travelling alone is quite different from travelling with companions. To clear some confusions regarding solo travelers, here are a few tips:  Clothing & Accessories

1. Clothing & Accessories

Wear things with hidden pockets carry bags with secret chambers. Keep important things like your phone, or your passport in these parts of your pockets or bag compartments. Being out and about in foreign streets all by yourself can leave you exposed to pickpocketing or mugging. Make sure you don’t wear anything too flashy either when you are out in the streets alone and avoid carrying too many things if you are out too late.

2. Packing

When packing for a solo trip, it’s good to be extra careful in making sure you are carrying everything you will need. This is especially important if you are travelling anywhere rather remote. Be extra sure to have toothbrushes, sunscreen, fresh towels or any other personal essentials. In a foreign country, you might end up finding it difficult to purchase things with ease so it’s best to avoid the hassle from beforehand.

3. Essentials

Being on a solo trip is all about being self-dependent and facing new challenges. Carry with yourself a map for the place you are planning to visit. Don’t reply on your phone’s GPS, in case you are in a place with poor network. Definitely try to know a little bit about reading a map before you head out. Keep offline translators on your phone so you can communicate with locals with more ease. A guide or a local translator will obviously cost you.

4. Learning the Culture

Before heading out on your trip, try to learn as much as possible about the culture and local lingo of the place you are visiting. Hand gestures, some basic words of greetings will come in handy when you’re in a foreign country. Look up information on the typical costs of travelling within the town you are visiting. It’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible about what to expect.

5. Being Flexible

You might not be used to certain norms or cultural facets of the country you are visiting. But when you go abroad, especially when you’re alone, you may find yourself in situations that you would simply have to adjust to. Be ready to take those conundrums head on. Don’t restrict yourself to being rigid. You might have to dig a hole if you can’t find a toilet, or tend to yourself when you get a cut. Be prepared for tackling new things.

6. Strangers

Remember what your parents taught you when you were little? Don’t talk to strangers. Okay, perhaps not take it too literally, but you should still be wary of strangers in the foreign land. Don’t just tell anyone you are travelling alone. Be it the person next to you on the plane, or the random guy you met at the coffee shop. You will be vulnerable in a new country so will likely be more susceptible to robbery or worse things. Unless you have to, don’t give away too much personal information to anyone.

7. Making Copies

Before leaving for any trip, make sure to make copies of your passport, VISA, credit cards, driver’s license and other important IDs. Keep the originals hidden in a safe place and keep the copies with you at all times. These will come in handy in case anything gets stolen.

8. What to Carry

When heading out for the day with a hand bag or backpack, always make sure all the chains are closed at all times. Always try to keep your bag in front of you so your belongings are always within view. You can carry a Swiss knife and pepper spray for safety apart from the usual essentials, like sunblock and shades. Carry a shrinkable umbrella as it can come in handy for rain and sunshine. And why not take a book with you while you are setting for the open road.

As exciting as it is to travel out on your own, it’s good to as prepared as possible in order to truly experience the thrills of a solo trip. So start packing!

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