I remember a time when Kissing scared me

kissingKissing is one of those activities you really do not think much about. If you think about the technical details of kissing you would probably be more careful who you kiss and how. It is so hilarious to me how the gooey mushy feelings inside us cloud our judgement and we fail to think about things we ordinarily would think about. This brings me to a time when kissing actually scared the heck out of me.

My Family Friends Friend Who Got Herpes

It all started with a family friends friend. I think I must have been in my late teens then. They were visiting our house and I noticed he had blisters around his mouth. I could hear my family friend joking about how his friend got the blisters and all I could think of was ewwwww WTH!!!.

Apparently he met some random girl, hooked up with her, she apparently had herpes some part of her body and he did not know. Anyway, he claimed he developed the blisters after kissing her ( we felt he did more – haha) and the doc said it was herpes. That day I saw kissing from a whole new perspective. I must have gone to school the following week with all intent to disturb the health office to ask my usual 1 million questions.

During my “reasearch” I found that there is actually a list of things you can get from kissing. Some of these things include herpes like my family friends friend got, warts, oh my gosh ewwww, imagine having warts on your mouth. I would just faint. Sores and other gross stuff. Think of it this way, when you kiss someone, you are passing saliva and sometimes blood (if they have an open mouth wound) via the mouth. Ok, I think I just scared myself all over again. yuck!

Kissing is not all bad – there are supposedly some health benefits to kissing. Besides it is a lot of fun !

Then this TV show happened

The other day we were watching a show about real life emergency room emergencies on TV. This guy came to the ER at the point of death. They could not figure out what was wrong with him. They finally figured he had an allergy to peanuts. He disclosed that he did not eat peanuts but they still gave him meds for that allergy and it worked. Hours later he went back into allergy mode. The doctor could not understand why it would come back. Doc then has a thought to ask the girlfriend if she ate peanuts and she said yes but that was hours ago and she had brushed her teeth. The second reoccurrence was because while in the ER getting better, she kissed him AGAIN. Apparently she has peanut butter stuck in her back molars and when they kissed, it transferred into his mouth. Can someone say GROSSSSS!.

I’m sitting there watching this program like, so she brushed her teeth and still transferred gunk? faints The moral of the story is, don’t be scared to kiss, just be careful who you kiss. Make sure like sex, the person is well worth it and it doesn’t hurt to get a health disclosure. I have heard of people keeping the fact that they have an open mouth sore in their mouth to themselves and still going ahead to kiss their partner. If you bite yourself and have a sore, allow it heal before you kiss anyone. It can wait. I hope I have not scared you away from kissing. lol

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