At Last Chris Brown is Released from Jail

This is really good news im hearing this Monday morning and that is that Chris Brown has been released at midnight from the Los Angeles County jail where he was being held . I am absolutely ecstatic. Not a day goes by that I do not wonder and pray for his release. Remember my #FreeChrisbrown #FreeBreezy hash tags post? You would think we were related. lol.

That Con Air flight thing absolutely broke my heart. I have sat on a 16 hr flight in luxury and I was tired and ready to get off that plane, so I can imagine how brutal that experience was for him. Yeah, like everyone else I do hope he behaves but at the same time, I think he really has suffered enough and people need to move on from the past and allow him enjoy the future. A constant reminder of what he has been forgiven for by the person involved is uncool. Plus like I said in this post, we do not know what really went down. What if he was being Solanged? I digress!

A little memo to C.Breezy. Please Please stay out of trouble. You can come crash at my place. I’ll cook you three awesome square meals a day, desert included and TMZ won’t be able to find you. I’ll make sure of it. hahaha.
To those fans looking to start trouble with people like Breezy just to get some spotlight, God is watching you. lol


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