Lil Kim’s Plastic Surgery, Such a Travesty

lil kim surgeriesSometimes when i see a lady that was already beautiful go the plastic surgery route I cant help but ask why. Allow me to muse a little. I was just listening to some old jams from the Queen Bee, Lil Kim and boy did it take me down memory lane. I can remember so well that besides the fact that I was an avid listener and huge fan (between listening to her and Foxy brown, my rap skills improved significantly lol), one thing I noted about her back then is that she was pretty. 

So I wonder, who in the world made this lady feel so insecure she felt she needed to do all that work to her face? I can understand a little nip tuck here but what I see is extensive surgery. Maybe she should have stopped at just a nose job.

I know keeping up with the entertainment industry can be brutal and you are judged greatly on looks but darn, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. She did not need all that work done at all. Now, it’s obvious that she now relies on heavy make up to look half as decent as she did pre surgery. I still love her though, antics and all but whomever convinced her that surgery was a good option, should be kept at arms length by her. and if that person is her. Well, I guess you live and learn. The sucky part about too much plastic surgery is you cant reverse what has already been done because I am sure if she tired, it would only look worse. Le’ Sigh!. Hopefully other ladies *Kim Kardashian Cough* learn from her and don’t got too far  with *cough* too much botox. lifts etc. lol.

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