EROTICA by Toni Payne [FULL LYRICS + Listen and Download Spoken Word Poetry]


Erotica Spoken Word Poetry LYRICS by Toni Payne

It’s when other girls want you, I stand confidently,
Cos I know I’m your fantasy and your reality.
Me cooking you meal, you step up to me,
You pull my hair, kiss my neck.
Draw me closer, kiss my lips, down to my navel.
Please Baby, don’t stop.

It’s when you let me aspire to inspire you to take me higher, fulfill my desire,
Memories of you, is all I need,
To believe, and achieve a climax so sweet.
I wanna watch you eat, while on your knees,
Listening to Alicia keys,
This love is not just for anybody.

It’s the way you feel while discovering me,
Holding my ………………. Read full poem in my book “A Stroll at Midnight”

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[originally posted Feb 7 ]

17 thoughts on “EROTICA by Toni Payne [FULL LYRICS + Listen and Download Spoken Word Poetry]

  1. I love you Toni. no homo but you are just so talented. Changing my ringtone from dare to question love to Erotica

    1. dare to question love is my ringtone as well. i just broke up with my long time boyfriend few days before it came out. good job toni

  2. what can I say about you except that I want to be the man you do all the things with. I wish you know the love I have inside my gut. I mail you everytime because I love you. Erotica is driving me insane.

  3. May I ask what is your inspiration behind your poetry. your delivery was on point. I am a lady and it moved my body so I can only imagine how the men are feeling. god job with the delivery

  4. you are shining like a true star that you are. i am glad you did not go back to your ex. he was dulling you. this is coming from someone who has followed you since the days of your NE forum. I am happy to see the old Toni back and i am praying for you that you dont lose focus again. all the best.

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