BROKEN – Poetry by Toni Payne (Insecurities, Moving on, Heartbreak)

Broken is a poem about insecurities that stem from being in bad relationships and the inability to allow ones self to be love by the right person – TP

Broken by Toni Payne

Is it the taste of honey on my lips?
or the way juices flow down my thighs like molasses ?
A figment of my imagination as I try to make sense of things.
Feeling unattractive, like no one can love me.
So I wonder, for every I love you,
for every, it is you I wish to spend the rest of my life with, what endears you to me?
I have not been that nice to you
Downright nasty and rude most times
because I want you to be gone
to leave me all alone with my insecurities,
except when I’m being a sexual being
That’s what I have becomeĀ …… read full poem in my book “A Stroll at Midnight”
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