Love is Like… by Toni Payne

Love Poem – Love is Like by Toni Payne (Spoken Word Poetry)

Love is like…
I can’t explain it but then I can
I know all about it but then I don’t
It’s like…
Seeing someone who loves you wholeheartedly
But you can’t understand why you can’t commit heartily
Falling for the wrong one
Or F**king with the wrong type of guys over and over
Because of sweet lies, that you know are lies, over and over
The feeling they give you, you can’t explain, over and over
It’s like…
That feeling that makes you do silly things
With excuses that for the one you love, they are big things
When you have patience through the cheating
And you make excuses through unacceptable things
When you are ready to give it your all
Because no matter what, without this love, you will fall
Overlooking things, you normally wouldn’t
And doing things you possibly couldn’t
Even though this love, you know you shouldn’t

Love is like
This drug
An addiction, that will turn you into a minion
Giving you high expectations irrespective of people’s opinions
Even disappointments fall short of tainting that fantasy
A happily ever after, you expect it to be.
You know the rules, but they don’t stick like glue
Don’t get high on your own supply
If you do, don’t be a fool

Don’t give it to someone undeserving
Because that could leave you with feelings that are unnerving
Eat at your self-esteem
Leaving you feeling like you need a team
To help you get it together
Feelings of despair, so why bother.
It’s like
Reverse psychology that we enjoy
It makes you throw out all sense of reason
Because it is the only reason you feel so alive
You’ve convinced yourself its why you thrive
Even though sometimes it drives you crazy,
And makes you lazy on days you don’t get a fix

Love is like…
This complicated ass emotion
It brings you high, just to take you low
If you are not careful, or in the know
It eats your soul, devours your being
If can make you fearful of human beings
It’s like
A game of chance
Or Russian roulette
You either win or lose
But we all hope to win
It’s like
This need
This want
We all crave
To be saved
But I’m not done
Because love is like…
This feeling
I can explain it, but I then I can’t
I understand it, but then I don’t

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