Hollywood Lights by Toni Payne [ POETRY ]


Hollywood nights
Hollywood lights
A new direction
After reflection
Still In a daze
A foggy haze
No going back
Staying on track
Bad news behind me
They were unkind
Twas like a dream
They were so mean
No repercussion
For their discussion
Hollywood nights
Hollywood lights
No going back
Staying on track
No looking back
Way back behind me
They wanna drag me
I keep my focus
They see I’m focused
They plan behind me
Ignore the good things
Promote the bad things
No room to breathe
They plan behind me
This is reprieve
They wish they had me
Oh yes they lost me
Back then they had me
Keeping my focus
Lights shine I’m porous
They think they got me
Oh no they lost me
The good ones got me
Hollywood Nights
Hollywood lights
Not looking back
No time for that

hollywood nights by toni payne poetry

One thought on “Hollywood Lights by Toni Payne [ POETRY ]

  1. Deep!
    I can relate… make them into spoken words soonest dear.
    Well done, you don’t disappoint.

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