Dare to Question Love: Spoken Word Poetry about Love by Toni Payne

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Dare to Question Love: Spoken Word Poetry about Love by Toni Payne

When love goes wrong whose fault does it become?
I guess it doesn’t matter cos the fact is it’s gone.
I asked love for answers but it gave me none.
I begged it for closure but it gave me none.
Isn’t love meant to last forever? when it doesn’t and your love keeps saying “NEVER”!!!
It leave you hopeless, it leaves you blue, roaming this world, without a clue.
How sweet it would have been if love was good to me.
Like a thief in the night, it stole my dreams,
Confusion sets in, feels like your world is shattered.
The pain is killing because love left you without answers.
You search your soul, all you see is an empty hole.
How could it leave without telling you what you did not know.
What you did and did not do.
Leaving you spent, without a clue,
Making u feel like a complete fool.
The silence is deafening, wasn’t it meant to be?
You make excuses, my love must surely come back to me.
Vision of perfection, gives hope for a new day.
It could be a mistake; my love was here to stay.
Deep down inside you know the outcome,
You stretch it and stretch it, you quietly hang on.
You thrive on patience, this is real I tell you.
How could you feel this strongly, if it wasn’t meant for you?
How could it start, if it would only break your heart?
You need closure, you ……Read full poem in my book “A Stroll at Midnight”
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Copyright 2012 – Toni Payne [ originally published Dec 14 2012 ]


  1. DJ frizzle

    Hmm…..just analyzing each phrase den I realize av bin guilty abt a tin or two.. We aall are one way or d other. Most imp tin is nt to ruin d future relationships-make peace with ur past. God help us all.

  2. Vanessa

    “You analyze, socialize, magnetize, then you realize,
    The only cure is not in anger,pain, or resentment.
    The only cure for a broken heart is time”.That’s my favorite part,am don’t know much about poetry,but i just love these ones on post. Great post!

  3. Amoo Tunde

    Hmmm, the only cure for a broken heart is time, I can feel someones pain through this poem..
    For those of us who believ in true love,am so sure we will do it all over again, Let’s just Be hopeful that this time we will enjoy its gains by Gods grace.

  4. Amoo Tunde

    Pls drop the link for this poem


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