I really don’t feel like blogging much right now.. thnx for the emails o, I was just testing that feature and forgot I left it on..ok seriously maybe I was being mischievous, maybe I wanted to see if yall cared… haha aww and u doooo. lol.. anyhoo is it fair to have like pure hatred in your heart, as in the kind you dont even feel like hiding.. like, its never really been news that I have no love for naija police but right now, its like I feel this burning hatred, deep in my soul, as in I try not to think about it because then I start crying. I know they say hate is a strong word, but honestly I have no other words to describe it. I rarely get angry and I rarely really let things get to me, but every time I think about those *^#$%%$#%^ in uniform, the burning in my heart scares the living hell out of me, the anger I feel scares me, I started to pray but all I felt like doing was cursing, throwing some deep, back to the roots curses to those &*($## in uniform that have no respect for human rights and then praying it catches them..lol.. sorry for the rant but I guess I needed a little release, hell, I dont smoke and I feel like I need a cig.. haha ok j/k …but seriously.. naija needs divine intervention, and we need it fast, shit never changes, I remember when I was 15, I was in naija, we got pulled over, I saw the cop plant the fake badge in our cab and yet they asked where we kept the cop we killed, a bunch of kids, then, I swore never to have anything to do with naija again, but God knows best, we were left alone cos we had no money to give them but I remember so well the beating the cab driver got, he was old, I kept peeking from the corner, and even at that age I wanted to jump in and do something, the man was obviously tryna make an honest living and he suffered that night all because of what, maybe 20 naira?.. It breaks my heart.. it really does…. I see how people get treated and it burns me, whenever Im back in LA I worry so much, and it sucks! and somehow I get annoyed with myself cos I feel like I dont know what I could do about it, how I could help. Its like I should have peace of mind you know, but I dont, I never do. I worry about my family, I worry about my friends, I worry about my love. Life really should not be like that. I am a very angry person right now but I guess thats what makes me human. I pray God continue to protect everyone from evil doers…..maybe I should sign up for boxing classes to channel all this anger huh….

Anyhoo, I am launching the TP eyes this week, its 3 super rich mineral colors topped with one eye popping glitter color all on one pack.. its a great buy.. our slogan is.. ITS ALL IN THE EYES!!!!.. OJU TON SORO! I wanna say more about it cos its really cool and great products that you def must have but well, I cant fake high spirits..

16 thoughts on “Sowwy!

  1. I’m coming to 9ja this summer and started getting worried already.

    By God’s grace sha, tins go beta!

    Goodluck with TP eyes…is it made in Nigeria? or LA?

  2. I don’t even know where to start from. Toni, I honestly feel you. Whenever I think about these things, like the greedy bastards that they call themselves police in naija, i feel so angry that i dont ever want to go to naija. My parent recently came back from naija, and they had a horrible experience with the policemen stopping them to get money, and abusing them on top of that, especially when they feel u have some money. I just wish something can be done about such foolishness, unfortunately no one seems to care(political leaders). Don’t think bout it too much sha, i know its hard especially when you have your loved ones there, but keep praying that God will continue to keep them. Thats the only thing you can do, cuz i don’t know when things will change, if it will ever change

  3. The police issue scares me a little too. I’ve never been to Nigeria before, I’ve been in London all my life but I didn’t know they can wind you up to that point. It’s so annoying that you can’t say anything to them.
    I remember discussing this issue with family and saying, what about your human rights? Then they all laughed at me calling me Omo Britiko.

    All the best with the make-up lines.

  4. Hey girl,
    I know you’re probably really angry about what happened to your boo. Aww! God dey! He gat u!
    Pls remember that not all the eggs are bad..there are some good ones

  5. hey t,just read abt d police thingy with ur boo,girl i dont blame u,u got everyright to be upset,wat can we do but pray dat things get better,i worry abt my family but i know God is in control,all is well, he dat has started a good thing in ur life is faithful 2 complete it.hope ur okay sha toni

  6. sorry for wat hapnd 2 ur hussy ooh. Those guys will get back what they dishd out. just pray against the anger cuz its not of God and when great things are coming, the devil brings temptation from all areas.

  7. Men, na true? Say Olopa(Naija Popo)
    beat the shyte outta 9ice. Damn, those idiots are a respecter of Nobody. The samw way they molested African china for singing against ’em.

    But for fucks sake, 9ice didn’t diss no Popo in his latest album.

  8. Just read about your hubby on Linda’s blog….I cant imagine how angry you are. waiting for ojun ton soro..may God continue to bless your future endeavors.

  9. just read Linda Ikeja’s blog…..

    so sorry…… kia! its just ridiculous, how can they do this and think they’ll get away with it … they will get what they deserve.

    take care my dear and congrats on the new product!

  10. your lil antic (going private) was enough to get ghost readers like me out of hiding. haba! abeg no try that kain tin again!

    okay, you need to come explain more about this TP eyes thingy

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