Sooo Gongo Aso is available online..

I have been getting tons of emails asking where they could purchase the gongo aso CD online.. The answer is very simple.. The CD’s will be available May1st but we are taking preorders now and if you order maybe before thursday, I could hook up an autographed copy for you. No promises but I will do my 100% best. You can pay via paypal..

We are currently working on a US and UK tour so if you know any solid promoters that may be interested the email to send their request to is and seeing that oga has given me a promotion to head of management, I may have less time to blog but more time to be busy as hell.. anyhoo, loving it.. E ba wa dupe lowo oga o.. may God continue to butter his bread and sweeten his voice o.. lol..

More good news, my TP kids line will be taking off next month.. YEAAAAY Im very excited cos, well cos who doesnt like kids especially ones that are dressed all cute.. lol.. the kids line will have its on seperate website and right now we are working on putting finishing touches to that, u know, logo, site, concept. i want it to be a fun site. And ive already started working on my next collection, its going to be waay different from my current one but nice all the same.. also, Im planning a makeup show in lagos sometime soon.. so ill keep yall updated. anyhoo DH thinks i need to be a bit more aggressive concerning the naija market so I made a bet with him and I want to give him a run for his

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  1. wait am like number one abi lol lol i always wanted to say that….hey babz na wa for this trip to naija sha i don give up calling u self till u return…. congrats on a job well done i see u and ur hand work….i need to place Cd my order asap….cant wait to see the kiddies line i think it will be very cute….also cant wait to see him here in the states the pink’ies are taking over lol …holla me when u don return sha…Belinda

  2. Yes finally!!! Kai, I’ve been scratching my head and rubbing my stomach about when this CD would be available to us here o LOL! Straight to buying ni. Really keeping my fingers crossed on that autographed copy sha *major wink wink* but seeing that you can’t promise, I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Hi Toni, i am really desperate for the cd. my question is, can i purchase the cd without creating an online account (i have numerous accounts and its hard to keep up with user id and passworda). thx

  4. Thank you for the info on where to get the CD. I am putting my order in right now:)))))

    May God continue to guide, protect, and provide for you and yours all the way, Amen! (How does one spell Amen in yoruba se?)

  5. tp, pls respond to my question about registration. i just heard your boo and tuface on youtube and i was floored. good job to him.

  6. can i say that i have it even two copies of it cos i told my sis to get me one for my car and the other for the house and men i have been playing the stuff since i got it on monday from Nigeria so u ppl if u are desperate like i was dhl still works tell them to dhl it to u toni e ku ise more grease to his elbows. funmi

  7. I went to your site and i saw the price. $7.50, ke?

    Album wey awon boyz don download from Limewire & Aries. lol

    Yeah, my prayer is that 9ice won’t loose his voice ooo, I pray God in his infinite mercies keep Y’all together forever and ever ooo, and may his street credibility never diminish, well it wont cos “Photocopy Ko easy” and we all know 9ice is an “erinlakatabu”.lol

    Atleast, if i didnt get and pay for the album LEGALLY, courtesy demands i should pray and do “adura” for him, thats what i just did! Happy Sales, Iyawo! lol

  8. t-payne
    how r u luv? its april! hmmm
    the album is soooo hot!
    y’all need to get it?
    @anonymous – yes it is $7.50, how much did they sell Jay-z’s last album or Mariah Carey’s album last week.
    Its well worth it!

  9. can you please do something about the website.. it’s not working becos I want to order the CD, can’t wait any longer.

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