Song Birds

Ive been wondering when someone would put this video on youtube. Im really feeling the Tolu ajayi chick, her voice is sweet!. Reminds me of all those gospel backup artist in all them naija gospel songs they show on sundays. You know, the ladies with the thin voices that sound real nice. I call them song birds, they also kinda remind me of those ladies in Indian movies and their singing voices. Anyhoo, naija, loads of unhidden talent. oooo I saw this video recently with a dude and a dancing puppet, gave me a wonderful idea. I aint sharing sha.. anyhoo enjoy the vid.. There is one particular part I like besides the chorus *cheesing* lol

7 thoughts on “Song Birds

  1. Hey girl,

    I used to read your blog occasionally but when I read that you are engaged to be married to one of the MOST TALENTED ARTIST in the WORLD, I started paying more attention. I work in corporate America and on fridays I give my Caucasians colleagues the pleasure of enjoying 9ice( at least I have for the past 4 weeks)!!
    PLEASSSE, make sure he plays in the District of Columbia or Maryland when he is here on tour, I will definitely be showing up with a LOT of his Caucasians fans.
    Please let your readers know when
    9ice will be on tour.
    Be Easy,

  2. lol @ wienna, d ‘so’ in d song aint farting. its the ibadan way of pronouncing ‘show’ i love the song and vid, especially 9ice’s bit.

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