Oh well i guess it wasnt meant to be, I wrote this looooong update with plenty of gist but soon as I clicked publish, the whole thing was gone, internet explorer could not open bla bla bla.. I have not really had much time to blog, well i kinda have not been in the mood, been doing the whole quality time thingy.. Well, its not news that the album is out and yes like i said b4 its off the hook.. Lots of great reviews but then again I was expecting that. If you do not have a copy now, pick one up.. As per the other stuff, sighs! well at least we made some concrete decisions regarding format, its april and venue is still up in the air and to make matters worse we are talking about moving it closer.. yeah yeah yeah we cant wait to make it official.. lol.. I secretly still want my december date cos it would suck for me if some of my close friends can’t make it.. anyhoo whatever.

I will now try to find some sleep, maybe if i have the energy Ill rewrite my previous post.

PS: To all those wishing DH well, thanks a mil. The best is yet to come, the man is as wonderful as his music so its well deserved *blushing* lol

26 thoughts on “MY UPDATE

  1. So his album just dropped? Really? Its no wonder i saw you on my flight to Naija. I wanted to intorduce myself and say something to you… like…why the heck did you hold up the bathroom for sooo long girl lol? dont you know we were all trying to touch and look fresh for our significant others too? lol!…. but chickened out as usual. anyhow y’all should have seen how the fans went crazy at the airport belting out GONGO ASO when 9ice arrived to pick up his babe….it was mad. must be nice being TP!

  2. kai TP, Oga ho, i guess u must have been really busy…u didnt even remember blogville ppl,i hope lastma behave themselves this time anyways, now dat i know ur back to blogging will be back to check… hope ur preps are going great….

    my amebo antenas are up and ready to hear gist… hope internet explorer no go misbehave again

    hope ur good sha

  3. Finally!!! been stalking for updates

    wow – cannont even imagine how busy things are – hope u have fun

    gongo aso is off the chain! – how can we over here get a copy of the cd?

    congratulations again, thou blogsville miss’s u

  4. Hey, I’ve just seen 9ICE’s interview on Funmi Iyanda’s site. He’s so humble and unpretentious. Almost shy. Keep him well. He is is a good thing. Remember this in 10 years time. Keep him.

  5. Its hectic planning a wedding but it’s all worth it wen on dat day everytin plays out like a beautiful song. Pictures tell a story and remind us of d memorable day- suggestion try body lawson, i’ve seen his work. Good luck on ur planning T.P

  6. welcome back TP,na wa for u,God knows how many times i continue checking for updates.feels good u are back girl,feels good!and good luck in ur preps,man u really need to be very patient ….. (no be small tin)but like I know say u be good girl,u go behave…u know the preaching(*ile oko ,ile eko and bla,bla,bla),I’m not yet married but I have been married a 100 and 1 times since i’ve been born…so,TP,”gbogbo nko ti mo so fun e yi,fi si owo osi e,not ur right hand”,I wish u all the best and i pray for God’s wisdom in ur marriage and all u need to keep it forever,keep kool my dear sister,love u always!

  7. I sooo love the 9ice album bought it at nu metro and gongo aso is my ring tone!!
    congrats TP! my dear don’t let all the hectic planning and arrangements make u forget that its all about you and hubby after all the ceremony is just a ceremony you have eons of life together to plan for. I’ll keep praying for u guys.

    body lawson is a good photographer you should try him, will check for contact numbers for you.

  8. toni, pls, use niyi tabiti as he is a fantastic photographer. he is just too awesome. he captures the moment, the pics are so clear and inviting.

    babes… even if you gotten another photographer, for example, pls, use him as a standby. as he is good. (mind you, he is not paying me for this or asking me to promote him.) i have seen his work/job, and i tell you, sista girl, it is just too good.

    take care…

  9. na so I see am o, I figured id just surf at night when there is less activity.

    linda luv.. u cant be mad at me, in fact, i owe u a dozen roses, u and ike..

    @anon.. ha ha u should have now, i know u are not joking cos id id hold up the bathroom and some old dude kept knocking..i was soo mad when ir ealized it was a flight attendant coming to tell me to sit down cos we were about to land.. but hmmn u still should have hollard..

    @shola.. how can, na condition cause

    @ocha.. thnxx.. yup yup it is.. dont worry ill try and update more often

    @nkiru.. I dont think i have much of a choice but to do just

    @anon. shy? ha ha ha ok let me stop he is KINDA shy, def humble, and dont worry ill remember that even 50 yrs from now

    @ara.. hmmnnn, see but dont see, hear but dont hear, watch out for tale bearers and believe in your man, believe in your man, believe in your man.. hmmnnnn, ur words! your words touched a part of me, very matter of fact, very simple, very genuine, I am learning about patience every blessed day and I pray for more every waking hour. Taking that leap from two to one is not easy and the steps leading to it has been very interesting, you realize you were not a woman, you are just becoming one, you learn new things everyday. you learn to love unconditionally, that alone I think helps 98% and i think the end result will be well worth it. I believe in him a whole lot, i have heard, i have seen but at the end of the day, when the doors are closed and we retire to our normal lives, we are left to deal with each other, and no one else. ive learned its easy to say i want to get married, and its another thing doing it for the right reasons, I believe we are both in it for the proper reasons and i guess men are not without their shortcomings or so they say but anyways sha, let me stop, u woke up my senses a bit there. Thanks for the words of advice, i will keep it close..

    @yembel, lol.. ill try and update more often, and thanks for the special prayers, there are a lot of genuine people rooting for us, and i know the lord will keep you guys in mind the same way you keep us in mind and pray for us.. u people sha wanna drive me to tears, lol.. the love is uplifting..thanks,

    @bummy..dont worry ull be on ur 4th copy real soon.. i think we alreayd scratched 2 playback is a u no wot.. ha ha

    @chineze, I am almost certain Niyi will be a guest so if he is also willing to take pictures then that would be awesome.

  10. Hi Toni, it’s me again o!!! I promise I’ll try not to get too much in your way seeing that you’re up to your neck with planning. By the way how are you? Take it easy o. Alright this is the reason why I’m disturbing you: I’ve been looking for the album everywhere and still can’t find it. Us in the U.S of A nko? By the way, I’ve been paging you on my blog hehehe

  11. Na wa o. So, u’re finally getting hitched so quickly sha. Still waiting for my t-shirt. I know you’ve been trying to avoid that part, but me i no go let am go like that o.

    BTW, saw you on hiptv yesterday talking about your most embarrassing childhood moment. Loved your hairstyle sha.

  12. Happy Birthday TP,wish you all the best and many more wonderful years ahead.have a wonderful&memorable one!!!

  13. I like how you said it is one thing saying you wanna get married and another actually doing it for the right reasons.. I am with you on that. At the end of the day you find out that it is just the two of you and on one else. I wish you the very best and give it all you’ve got even when it is the hardest thing to do. It is well!

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