The new 9ice album is coming out sometime next week. It is titled GONGO ASO. For those who do not know what Gongo Aso means, it pretty much means something is going to happen, something that has never happened before.. Positive vibes, you dig.. The new album features two very talented naija musicians from two different genres, 2face Idibia and Pasuma Wonder, of course on different tracks but hot all the same. I can assure you, you will be hooked on them all. As in I know people love Gongo Aso the song and all but they will love love love the album!.. anyhoo, its going to be a good buy. My little cousin already knows 4 songs word for word..and he put them on playback. Once I pick him up from school, the boy clicks 1 and nothing else gets played in my car. haha well I dont mind. Anyhoo do wait to get the original (not pirated) copy, the day it is released I will def blog about it. The album launch is also this month, that should be fun.

Anyhoo, sooo whats in a wed photog as in.. How much is too much to pay for a photog. There was this guy I asked for a quote from a little while ago cos I have seen his work and liked it but he quoted me some ridiculous price like 3k dollars for 4 hrs or something along those lines.. Needless to say I calculated how many eye shadows I would have to sell and RAN.. hahaha.. anyhoo, I did meet someone in naija, plus we do have our family photog but I know for sure he would need assistant. So how many photogs is too many? And oo the dress, I may actually have a designer narrowed down, well the thing is, I have a few designers I am talking to and 1 just happens to be naija and good..soo haha the bias. well she promised to send me ideas, maybe just maybe ill blog about the dress journey from start to finish… maybe, if DH doesn’t tie me down too much with work. I know from the first hello, its work work work, “TAKE CARE OF YOUR HOME” hahaha shit cracks me up every time. what a comedian.. ha! well I guess its cool having a man who wants you to be the center of everything he does. anyhoo sleep awaits me..

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  1. 3k for 4hours? u know its prolly more than 4hrs haba and thats about the average price for a photog in the states soooo chill on the naija photogs!
    have u heard of modamo?
    did my friend’s wedding day,
    trick is to hire the exspensve one for the wedding and a regular-ish joe for engment. modamo went to photogrpahy school in NewYork so that might be a plus for u?
    ps damilola’s dress was made in naija too, though it cost a fortune -she’ll prolly kill me for this!

  2. hmmm! i actually cant wait 4 9ice album…nid 2 get someone in naij to get it 4 me wen it comes out!
    anyways,3k for 4hrs , hot damn! dats just ridunculous, i think ist always better to get at least 2 or 3photogs cos u neva know wat myt happen to one of the memory disks or anything…jst to be on the safe side!

  3. What in the hell kind of question is that? She has a successful husband-to-be, got his album coming out….& here u r asking…
    Abeg, carry ur nonsense commot…damned hater! Go find ur own husband.

  4. Hey Ms TP, thanks for d clarfctn on the meaning of Gongo Aso … I understand now … Great work on the free PROMO for ur boo, I feel you, if you don’t who will?

    As far as ur photog, sounds quite steep to me … I understand 3-4k for the entire day, however for 4hours, that is kinda ridiculous… There are quite a few photogs who are awesome in Nigeria, like Body Lawson, Ade Pumptree, and a host of others … Check out this website, to see Body Lawson’s work, I love his style. There are other folks who are quite talented too and it will not cost you that much to get them and even if it does, it would not be for no 3-4 hours. Ask Molara from JW. I am sure she has an array of photogs you can choose from.

    However if you insist on taking an American/Western photographer I would suggest you check out:
    Jide Alakija

    Dotun Ayodeji

    or Mark Moberg

    (See for Mark’s recent trip to Nigeria.)

    Please blog about ur dress, we want to see. Yes we are NOSY, heck we are NOSY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also what is ur wedding theme/style?

    Well I think I am good for now.
    I’ll be back to blog some more

  5. BTW Ms TP, regardless of the photog you are getting, make sure they’ve got like 3 assistants, so that one can leave the church early and capture ur reception site b4 ur guests get there.

  6. weddin babe omo i luv ur luv mikez work…his rreally gud..i personally recommend him

  7. @anon.. thnx for the link checking it out now..well the photog was naija but not a naija based one.. yeah i think ill stick with the naija based ones, they seem cheaper and equally good.

    @vixxy.. if u no anyone coming to london this month i can save u a copy and they can pick it up from me.. and im going to have at least 6 photogs..

    @anon2.. no I am not..

    @anon3.. lol..

    @niyi.. he showed me a link to ur blog someone sent him, we had a good laugh about that..catchy headline.. good one!.. thnxxx glad I passed.. ha ha

    @wedding babe.. Ill have a look at the sites, jide I have had contact with so he is def on my list.. I sorta gave him a hard time tho, wanted to test his sense of humor.. ha ha.. Im making a journal of things Ineed.. well as per the dress, i guess yall will have to wait till the day to see it. My theme, well I wanted something very soft, romantic, pastel colors, you know, candles, long cases, white flowers, soft lighting.. that kind of stuff.. Lets just say fun+romance, the type of enviroment u want to make babies in.. ha ha.. j/k

  8. Ms. TP that is fantastic that u r in touch w/Jide, it is amazing, his talent that is. Check out d other guys too and another one to add from Naija is Segun memmories.

    No worries on d dress, it would look fabulous all the same.
    So r u going completely traditional or traditional with a twist? Well, when u get to that we will know.

    I love the theme u r working with.
    Fun + ROMANCE (my 2 favorite things). Hmmm, I see lots of candles/ambient light and lush flowers. A little bit of traditional colors and I think you already have pink, so u r good. U may want to think of something to appeal to the olfactory senses, so maybe scented candles. That definitely adds to the ambience.

    Well find a hall first and that will also determine what and what not can be done to give u dat look.

  9. TP, i gbadun u jare behind every successful man there is a woman giving him an extra push,keep up the good work…..hope ur preps are going well and pls one thing every bride seems to forget abeg use ur wedding essentials as hand luggage…the devil is a bad devil…i once knew a lady whose luggage got missing by some airline and the bag contained some wedding essentials after much crying and praying the bag appeared a day to the wedding…just tot i chip dat in…
    have a fab week toni

  10. Iyale mi, se dada l’ewa. Can’t wait to get my hands on ‘our husband’s album. It’d have been better if i have it autographed sha o. se u get me sha. lol

  11. I cant wait for the album to come out babz…infact i want my own autographed o plus i never forget my gongo aso shirt o….am just saying lol keep up the good work mama…talk to u soon


  12. Hey Toni , I’m helping my big sis plan her wedding now and it is a real b@#$h.Our wedding is in July and we haven’t even gotten her dress yet… i know crazy. Goodluck planning one of the biggest days of your life :).

    P.s. check out

  13. lool y do i get dat feelin dat is jide alakija dat said d 3k for 4hrs..lool correct mi if im wrong sha..but dats about the same amount he charges..nehoo gudluck hun..knww u wud b fine..d album don drop??

  14. fummyp@wienna,i suppose iya is gonna be at the hip-hop awards,so if am correct iya should be in niger dealing with lastma lol….. TP,hows the prep going..i don check back tire, hope ur doing great

  15. Ms. TP hello how r u? Just checking in, I c u r not yet back … I am hoping you guys do get to stitch some things in … Well I’ll continue to check for updates … remain Blessed

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