The new face of TP Africa!
I was going to wait till friday to put this up but my fingers were burning.. haha. I put this on facebook, went to bed but couldnt sleep, I just had to blog about it. Her name is Buki aka Afrikim aka Aburo TP aka Lil Sis. lol.. The pictures are def hot. The makeup artist/photographer Ben is one of the youngest, most talented, creative photgraphers in socal, two for two a photographer who is also a wikid makeup artist.. couldnt ask for more.. If you are ever in the socal area, he is like the total must shoot with “if you have not shot with him you are so not cool or IT, like for real, you need to slap yourself and beg him to give you an appointment photographer”.. hahaha ok he is down to earth, sooo and I am proud to say TP has totally shot with him so I am totally cool.. lol..yup! and I guess Buki is much cooler because she got to experience working with him, one on one ..anyhoo, now I can sleep peacefully.. enjoy

18 thoughts on “Presenting…….

  1. anonymous, if you have nothing to better to say keep your hands off the keyboard or better yet show your work. keep it up, toni.

  2. Hey TP i so love this mehn like gosh…she is HAUTE well done. Glad to know u never picked the rope back up lol….u doing it babz u are so doing it….will call u later


  3. Well done on ur achievements toni but an honest opinion is that i am not too sure ur model’s look is the best choice. It might be that u have to work around the hair style choice u know….twick a bit maybe have her hair down and ask opinions as at d end of d day, whoever u choose or go for has to be able to push sales which is what i am sure ur driving towards.

    all d best x

  4. anonymous 5, do you know what wtf means? figured you did not. all i meant was rather than leave nasty comments, keep it to your self!

  5. ooh can I also say that i never really felt the song gongo aso but listened to it today and i must say im luvvving it… im sold…well done 2 ur hubby….keep it up u guys…

  6. Wow what is up wit all dis blogville hostility? I agree people need to respect other people’s blog sites i.e, it is not ur living room neither is it ur buddy’s couch so, leave the deregatory comments at the door, THANKS. Wit dat said, I can understand that u may not appreciate wat a peron is blogging about, the fact that they have a blog opens them up for all types of criticism and crazees … Anyhoo, offer constructive criticism and if u have nothing Nice to say, then say nothing at all.
    & Ms TP, if i were u, I will tell folks, y’all aint gatz to go home, but y’all gatz to get the heck up off my blog! & Dat is fo REAL!!!!

  7. LOL….na wah for the anger being expressed on this blog.

    dnt mind them joh, love ur eye make up and the pictuyres, who was the photographer? gud work.

  8. the only manageable picture of your sis is the last one. no hating. love what you are doing but call a spade, a spade. your sis is not cut out for this at all!! especially the 2nd pic. whoever tells you otherwise does not want to see you suceed. once again, i love you Toni so not hating, purely an objective opinion

  9. @all the anonyous comments.. sighs! I appreciate ur comments and all but the fact that its coming from anons kinda makes it harder to know who is being constructive and who is just trying to irk someone well, oh well wotever.. anyhoo this is my take, if I decide to use a model with a specific look, in fact if I decide to put an anorexic chick with lipstick on her forehead and eyeshadow on her cheeks, with 666 hanging from her neck, not everyone has to like it.. You can’t please everyone so like I said I do appreciate the comments/concerns but I love it, its what I want and its the vision I have..simple! and to those fighting on my blog. please ejo I take God beg you, lets keep it civil. Kinda takes the fun out of blogging if yall are at each others throats over something that wont change.. 🙂

  10. hun,
    let me be honest with you,and you dont have to agree with me.but i dont think your sis(?)is THE one if you feel need a face that STANDS OUT in more ways than one.if she is meant to represent West Africa for your make up line? or is it africa.she just does not have that “make me stand up and take notice”.the MAKE UP might be on point with regards to the look you are after.BUT the face just isnt quite right.
    and that second picture is just too “unprofessional looking”.the eyebrows don’t look like any effort was put into it.
    even if at the end of the day its what you believe is good for your marketing and selling your product that matters,i can still bet a pair of christian L heels that a market survey would prove your choice as not so popular.Your sis is cute though,not taking anything away from her.but someone with that extra “oomph” in the face.

    keep doing what you do though.
    and all the best,so long as you happy.


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