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This week is going by so fast and I feel soooo err not productive. I have done a million and one things but I still feel blah! like something is missing. Is it possible to go though 1000 different emotions in 24 hrs? The answer is yes, Im telling you I think I’m sorta not normal. ha ha. Anyhoo on a good note, I have found the face of TP WA under my own nose, yeah I love her look and don’t mind plastering her face everywhere. lol.. Ill reveal who she is maybe Friday, I feel like I need a nap. So who is going for the HHW awards? I am!, I am totally doing the casual thing, a customized TP shirt and maybe dress pants. I honestly don’t feel like rocking a dress and I wanna be able to do cartwheels when people I like win.. ha ha.. yeah I’m very vocal.

When ID won for best producer at the Future awards, I think I must have heard for the first time how squeaky my voice is, hahaha inherited that from my mum. So I guess you can go and vote here and eheeemm, you know who to vote for right? lol.. So I kinda did pick who and who I liked based on how I felt their music, but damn it was tough o. kai, if two people could win. Well lets wait till the 15th to see if my choices were correct or rather how many i got right..
Album of the year = 2face grass to grace
Artist of the Year = 2face ( I figured whomever wins album of the year shud get this)
Song of the year = though I don’t agree with the message, it was a popular song, Yahooze
Recording of the year – Asa – bibanke
Producer of the year: ID kabasa for ruggedy baba hands down ( the guy does it for the passion not the money)
Best Music Video = even tho he is not there I say Wudi Awa for Faze’s Kolomental.. but ill give it to Do me
Best DancehallTimaya
Best Pop RNB = 2face Idibia of course
Best Rap Album = errr I dunno cos I haven’t heard any of their stuff
Best Collabo = Ruggedy baba hands down.. and Im not biased, the song is spiritual
Best Rap single – Lagi Mo Rooftop MCS
Best Vocal performance male = 9ice on ruggedy baba, hands down
Best Vocal performance female = Asa for sure
Next Rated = please why was rihannas knock off even nominated, naija sef, I never knew knocking off someone song could get you an award nomination,.. I say wande coal for this one
Hip Hop World Revelation = and the award goes to……9ice dammit.. I love ASA too but 9ice does something Ive never heard b4 and sounds like no one Ive heard b4 and Im not biased o ha ha and someway somehow ASA doesnt really strike me as a revelation.. In fact if he doesnt win this one Ill be shocked.. lol
Lyricist on the Roll = ruggedman.. cos I haven’t heard the rest of em
and that’s it for me, lets see if I get them all right huh.

There you have it..

I have no real updates about the day but for those who wanted to know I have decided to go and help him with the venue task so yaaaaaah. you guys will have to stay tuned. ha ha. Wedding babes, you are too much jor! see me jotting notes like a mad woman.. hahaha. Still not turning this into a wed blog but will def update a bit.

5 thoughts on “well o well

  1. awww, congrats on ur engagement!

    I heard 9ice lived in bariga or something like that, is it true?

    I lived there too…….it jst makes me like him more, lol. Dont mind me jare.

    I must say that am a great fan of ur stuff………dont know where to even begin…..I admire you basically. Good luck with everything!

    And awwwwww, u’r gettng married? I dont even know u but am excited for you, lol….Have a fab wedding and dont get too caught up in the preparations o. I heard u saying u’l be a bridezilla……………dont o, lol. I know how catastrophic naija weddings can turn out to be! hehehe

  2. hi tpayne.congrats on your engagement i wish u all d best.You are someone i have admired since i heard about u.u r definitely an inspiration to me and i always tell everyone about u.hope to meet u someday.

  3. @Zena, hmmnn I did not get any pictures but then again, maybe I did, resend..lol

    @chicala. thnx ma, yeah he did. oh lord dont scare with the word catastrophic.. hahaha

    @busola.. aww thnx.

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