Drum Roll Please

Well, we now have the Official Gongo Aso shirts available for purchase. and when I say official I mean requested and approved by him so If I see an alternate one, wahala go shele o.. hahaha.. anyhoo, If you are in naija, you can now order online. Our GTB account number will pop up upon checkout so write it down to make ur deposit. Keep ur slip for pick up though.. Ill give one little clue, these shirts will be sold out before the end of the week, unless of course I can convince the powers that be to make more. I think having the shirt makes you eligible for certain perks like passes etc.. anyhoo I have some pictures below.. Yes I designed the shirt with approval from Boss man (new name after all this) ha ha.. anyhoo to see more and order the shirts go to the Tpayne Webbie

Ill update later with progress on u know wot. lol

10 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please

  1. Babes, u love ur man, no be small o!

    Aaaaahh… na good tin as to say e dey show say we still get naija women wey understand de word, love.

    Mami, “make u and 9ice’s love strong, para siempre.” Amin, Jesu.

    Muchos Gracias!

  2. ok…TP, i’ve been pestering you for ‘something’ for ages now and you no look my side, not to talk less of replying me. Ok…i want the green one, only if you have xtra large sizes for extra ‘isans’ like me. Second, do you have an idea of when ‘our husband’s’ album will be coming out? My mummy dey come in April and i wan ask her to get me a copy.

  3. @omomummy Sweet!. I wanna see what it looks like on when u get it k..

    @anon1. I posted instructions on there

    @anon2.. lol.. thanks and Amen

    @wienna.. yeah its coming out next month so ull be fine. and yes we have xtra cool sizes for xrea cool ladies.and ive told u b4 no wahala.

    @anon, considering its still bearing the TP name and quality, its prob our most inexpensive shirt ever!

    @politricks..u r soo funny I cracked a rib.. ha ha

  4. Hey TP, Noice T shirts, I agree with anony 4, wat does “Gongo aso” mean? The track is tight, hear it all the time when I get into your blog … I’m not a T shirt person or else i would have placed my order too … But keep up the good work … Any bride and brides maids Tees coming soon? Well figured I would throw that out there since T shirts r ur thing …

    Well if ur honey checked out Balmoral, I’m sure he’s told u dat is not quite big enough for your crowd … It can only hold 400-500 folks … so ur best shot is outside … Did u guys check out Ibru Gardens?
    Well checking in,
    I’ll be back soon

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