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Its 4.30am and I am totally just up. I can’t sleep because I have too much on my mind, like Im noticing that the pressure is increasing, “T, you better have a fine dress” “T, u must use the best hall in lag””T, it has to be the wedding of 08 o” “T, u r slacking, you should already have majority done and a save the date sent” so much so I have begged some of the ladies on my train not to talk about it and if they do, do not add pressure, just make suggestions and lets go from there. I have had several dress offers but anytime, I pick a style one of my bm’s will say, ha my shape, ha its not forgiving, ha something sha so I dont even wanna stress the designers or myself.

Well, my CBM and one of my BM’s finally picked a style that I liked, I gave a maybe but you know what, I think its a yes so at least that part will be done and over with and all I have to worry about is my dress, jewels are being made by one of my BM’s and long time close friend Anne of Jewelry by Anne, she has her work cut out for her because my girls are divas but I trust her sha, she will hook it up proper…

Please ask me why did I put DH in charge of deciding on a hall? ha ha ok I did not put him in charge, he kinda put himself in charge because he says we can do that part ourselves. So he calls me this morning (ok it is morning now right? lol) like “babes I promise today, you will have a hall” ha ha, and Im like “darl I should have had a hall like sooo last month”, its sorta my fault because I initially did not want the hall he picked and by the time I changed my mind and they went to book it, it was gone 🙁 I kinda feel bad that he is running around by himself considering how busy he is right now… oh well thats one thing I’m making up to

anyhoo, whats up with nig churches and this whole no tube top or spagheti , you have to cover your arms thing? as in the dresses I have in mind would look soo fugly with a wotever that thing is called around it. I think its a bit much, its not like you are naked or showing eheemm…. I hope I dont turn this blog into a nupt planning blog.. ha ha like that would be boring having to read me ramble on about what I did or did not get..

anyhoo, I am curious though, what are the best halls in lag, and how many is too many as per invites, someone said I could not get away with a strictly by invite affair, u wanna bet.. like I keep saying, yall aint seen bridezilla o.. I will raise up my dress, walk to the door and bounce folks myself, ok well except u have a nice present or are willing to bribe me.. haha ok Im kidding sha but I have started saying my prayers to limit the mogbo moyas, not cos we do not want them there but because I do not want a congested, uncomfortable atmosphere, so its bad enough our guestlist is looking close to 1k people imagine 1k plus another 1k in a hall that sits 1.5k comfortably, minus the massive stage and dancefloor..

ha, ok e don I promise no more planning talk anymore, for now, lol.. oh my I forgot, a picture of the new face of TP Cosmetics USA is here..Lovely! Im still searching for the face of tpWest africa… thank goodness I am feeling drowsy again so back to sleep for me


  1. Anonymous

    check out the hall they did nigerian idol, big and very nice. security is also tight. hope that helps a lil

  2. Anonymous

    this day center…
    big and nice..

  3. tee

    i would soooooo read your blog if it turned into The Diary Of Bridezilla 🙂 hehe. cannot wait to get married myself…and until then, i’m happy to live vicariously through you, lol. in any case, isn’t it easier to hire a planner? i’ve seen some fantastic work done in lagos.

    don’t stress…too much!

  4. Wedding Babe

    Hi TP, I have been following ur blog but don’t leave any comments, I am more of a wedding stalker … hee hee, so wit dat said, U will b seein more of me … well as far as Naija goes I think u have one of the best people on ur side, Molara of Just weddings, she is FABULOUS. Just be sure to let her know exactly wat u need. She is not just a decor person but her event outfit JW Events can hook u up wit all the logistics in Nigeria. Look at me I sound like her PR person … anyhoo.

    I think if you can also get a planner here that can help u wit d ground work, like dresses, favors, lil things like dat. u seem to be so bz and d last thing u want is to burn urself out as u plan ur wedding.

    U r supposed to enjoy this … & U should

    If u can’t find a hall in Naija dat will accomodate the gargantuan guest list, try pitching some tents. They always work and TBS (Tafawa Balewa Square) may offer you enuff room to accomodate ur guest list.

    As far as halls that I love in Naija, here they are in order of preference:

    City Mall
    Civic Center
    Ibru Gardens
    Planet One
    Liberty Hall
    Adebola Hall
    Ostra Hall
    Four Seasons

    Ok Ms TP … think I am turing your blog into a wedding planning site … If u need help just holler

  5. Anonymous

    muson center girl!

  6. Uzo

    Muson is quite small for the number…

    I am an unofficial wedding planner…LOL…Hire a planner…The best advice i can give you…

  7. Toni Payne

    haa u guys are too much..
    @anon, thats de event place at planet one is it is currently 2nd on our list right after lagoon.

    @anon2.. the this day center is cool but Im worried about its location and traffic..

    @tee, haha trust me you wont, then u will begin to think im

    @wedding babes, dang gurl, u dont play o ha ha.. well two of the places on ur list we are checkin on, I still dont have a hall because their manager @planet 1 wasnt around but hopefully tomorrow, and the lagoon wants us to buy food there which Im kinda not down with, ur list looks good and is very helpful so I know where to start in terms of backup halls and per molara yeah I have seen good things from her, so I concur

    @uzo, we will do but that has to be on my next trip and the hall cant wait till then..
    anyhoo thanks yall

  8. BOBBY

    I think i like lagoon…this babe this is the wedding of the year. CERTIFIED!

    Umm i want to wear aso ebi…abi what do they call it?

  9. BOBBY

    Oh and Uche Majekodunmi has to do your flowers and decor

    Tell her Bobby Taylor is your dawgress…omo automatic discount. lollllllllll

  10. Anonymous

    abeg…one thing me and u go fight over na if u stop the planning gist. biko..bring it girl. i love weddings and just hearing about them…looking forward to more details’s jsut exciting

  11. Anonymous

    Hey Babz ur blog is so funny and yes not to put any pressure on u or anything but u better come correct for the wedding sha lol lol cause u know me i will say something to u sha but i know u got it on lock so no problem there and not to mention u got people like Anne and co hooking u up so already u got some of the best on ur side and corner and we will be there to cheer u on lol….on to business i love the new look and face of TP nice one dollface keep up the good work


  12. Toni Payne

    @bobby, see u and all of them stop it o.. dont make me elope o haha and hmn trust me u want that aso ebi because thats one thing I actually got right, the color combo is to wiked..and il check them out now. was gonna have molaro def do my decor but lets see wot they have for flowers

    @anon.. hahaha you def want me putting people to sleep

    @linda, hahaha I like that “not to put pressure on you or anything” haha girl, hmmnn, in fact where is Elvis and the chapel of luvvvv..and yes o I have talented BM’s that are proving to be very helpful too. and thnx ma, yup! she is a cutie.

  13. wedding babe

    TP see wot u started … people r addicted to weddings period and I am the #1 addict … Anyhow, don’t let the hall stress u o! However wit dat said u definitely want to have it on lock b4 u go to Nigeria … Ur boo may not get ur stress so u better get a back up person to book your hall ASAP.
    Please be sure to update us wen u do book ur hall. Some of us already have decor ideas to post … Yup we do!!!!!

  14. Toni Payne

    @wedding babe.. quick question.. out of all the halls you listed could you please list them in terms of capacity, as in halls that will hold over 1000 people, this is where I am stuck cos my man said he thinks P1 is gonna be too small..thnx ma..

  15. Anonymous

    Congratulations on your engagement/wedding..I love reading the trials and tribulations of planning weddings. Personally, as a journal keeper I find its always therapeutic to write out one joys and agros!! lol..keep it coming

    Parazone Super Bleach


    Adebola house will hold 1000, city mall is too small so is muson, fo rdat amount of people, maybe u should try an open ground with a marquee? a good one is the museum kitchen opposite muson centrem and its got paking too and guess what it cost under 100k to rent the space, d additional cost will b the marquee chairs and tables.

  17. Anonymous

    Easy o! Aunty Toni.

    Dis wedding go dey tight o!

    U know, now.

  18. Toni Payne

    @parazone thnx a mil…

    @36inches.. God bless u jare, but how is the security being that its outside and all, I am soo scared of the area boys factor..Ill have hubby go check it out tomorrow

    @anon.. AMEEEEEEEEEN!!

  19. wedding babe

    Ms TP, all the halls listed are limited as far as capacity. I had suggested pitching a tent and I believe 36inches also suggested that, which I think will serve u better if you are really going to have dat many people. TBS is gated and will offer security. Ibru Gardens is gorg (waterfront runs)and has mad security as in there is a gate and u can have security guys checking IVs at the gate. It also offers seclusion since noone can see wat is going on inside.

  20. Anonymous

    lol elope wetin? omo dont say that word again o or ever ask about Elvis chapel of love abi u forgot who we are? Cashmere Mafia baby aka Pink`kies …let me remind as a Pink`kies we dont elope….do i need to send the u the “Pink`kies Motto” again….omo we set standards that others emulate…we are born “Pink`kies” others only dream of being it lol whoo no let me contiune o lol j/k…okay all jokes aside nne u will be fine dont worry ….u will enjoy ur day and the planning process as well….


  21. Anonymous

    uhm, TP, it is VERY clear to me that this should become a wedding blog! hahahahaha 🙂

  22. Toni Payne

    yall are so helpful.. ok I am on the fone with dH right now relaying ur messages so he pretty much just wants me to decide if I want it inside or outside, I explained inside may not be enuff space for the guests, so he says I should pick just 2 places and we should decide on that.So the question is, I need suggestions on 1 inside venue that will hold over 1000 and 1 outside venue with a beautiful view.. I also wanted ot know where Ibru Gardens is, as in proximity from lets say officers mess or Silverbird and how is the traffic in that area.. phewwwwwwwwwwwwww

    @anon, I think you are beginging to be right

  23. Naija Vixen

    Ok, i dnt know much about naija halls nd stuvs so iv got nothing lol
    but Tp…it will be so much fun blogging bout ur wedding preparations…i’ll b stalkin ur blog!
    oh btw r u still goin 4 Kosibah?…cos i think i read here some time ago…mayb i was dreamin sha…lol

  24. wedding babe

    TP I just checked in for my morning dose of weddinggaria and I am sooooo right about people being addicted to weddings … Ok to your question, Ibru Gardens is walking distance from Silverbird, how about that? Parking there is so so, however people are used to it, so … They can park on the street and in the close, however no parking inside, I think except the bridal cars … In fact one of my friends pulled Effize when she used, she and her beau arrived via a power boat, from where I don’t know o, but it was a GRAND entrance to say the least and quite unconventional too. I loved IT! The view is to die for too, check out the Galleries on and see Anino and Bolu’s gallery to have an idea of what Ibru gardens looks like …

    Inside location, people help here, I am thinking Liberty, This Day and maybe Adebola?

    Don’t mind me I am biased, I am more of an outdoorsy kinda lady … My wedding was outdoors, 1000+ folks …

    Hope this helps … Like I said I will be checking in, so just fire away with the questions, if I don’t have an answer, I know someone who does.

  25. shola pacheco

    TP,whats up no wedding webbie,abeg put one up nd if not,hope u will post pictures.i hope u get a good venue.its adds beauty nd color on its on.TP,i don vex am officially looking 4 a husband too lol

  26. linda ikeji

    You’re getting married Toni?…wow! So so happy for you. Who’s the lucky guy? Okay I need to start coming here often…maybe I can learn a thing or two…Congrats girl!!!

  27. Anonymous

    linda ikeji…hnnnn na wah. this ur new style of amebo get v-leg wahalai. u fit swear say u just dey hear so Toni dey get married? talk true, u mean u true true u just dey hear am ? hmmm…awon aiye aiyeeee. shio. thanks for the message sha. e ku ife. ile ishe yin o ni jona. women adn dem fronting sometimes sha.

  28. Femi

    lol, linda is on a next level.

  29. Anonymous

    y do u have to hate on linda? she said she didnt know so what. abeg move on and stop hatiing jare

  30. Anonymous

    Stop hating on Linda please.

    Its obvious from her blog that she is a really open person. If she knew about Toni’s man she would just come right out and say it. This blog hating is ridiculous. Chai! Useless people.

    Oh and Toni, congratulations. Try to enjoy the wedding planning, ‘cos i didn’t with mine. It just became a huge project.

    Chioma, Hertfordshire.

  31. Toni Payne

    @vixx..I think he is coming round my way this month so I will be seeing him, we have not officially talked about the dress but I did wanna talk to him about a particular veil he designs. Then again Ive had like 5 offers to have my dress done, 1 person mentioned bling and since I am a major sucker for that Im like soo looking forward to seeing her design..

    @wedding babe gotcha, yeah I think its looking outdoor for us too. Im haing him check on Balmoral.. any tips? and eheeemm it more than helps

    @linda.. no so I see am too o. haha, dont worry u did not miss much..

    @shola.. haha me wedding webbie, ehn? I like to look but not participate o, I think they can be cute and corny at the same time, call me chicken but I dont need the WWW knowing my exact date and location.

    @anon.. lol.. its not public knowledge naaw..

  32. Anonymous

    Update please

  33. Nice Anon

    Wedding babe: Seems like you’ve got everything on lock! (lol) Congrats to you Toni! 1000+? Dang! Thats a massive wedding


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