A little Treat..

Anyhoo its a live performance with a live band and very nice, Gosh!, that dude is sooo sexy, like he can totally sing to me anyday, lol… ok jokes aside, if you have never seen 9ice perform live, ahh let me not talk, you be the judge, I like when he says “you knoooooooooooooooooooooooow” Which brings me to the topic of live performances, I think naija artists should always perform with a live band, just sounds so much better plus you get to filter out the real talent. I know there are logistics involved like mics not working and bad sound systems at venues but it would be nice if organizers got it together and offered them a chance to show themselves properly… anyhoo, hope you enjoy the video, I dont know whats up with youtube and being slow but just in case the youtube version is acting up, here is a link to a better view

Thanks to DJ3K for hooking up this clip, and Ruggedman as always is something else. I have told him countless times he need to look into being an MC or Comedian.. Ehemm speaking of Ruggedman, he just shot 3 videos last month and guess whose tops were all up in the video, err TP baby!!..lol.. Im gonna see if he can hook me up with pictures, they looked soo flipping hot…..anyhoo Have a lovely weekend!

10 thoughts on “A little Treat..

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ABv4hAan58
    looooool funni video..ahh i see competitors 4 u hubby..u bera hold am tite..i first saw a lil bit of d performance frm djdeemoney on naijadjs february shoot..tanx 4 postin
    about the live band thingy..its realli necessary..did u see hw d crowd was moving and everything..awwwwwwwww ur hubby is loved by people ahh ahh look at his fanpage on facebk within a week more dan a 1000 fans..dats wats up..u guyz mk a perfect couple..Godz blessings

  2. i don’t know what it is about ‘gongo aso’ but i listen to that song AT LEAST 5 times a day. it’s ridiculous. great video! big, big congratulations to you both.

  3. hmmm…ok now. I’m still mad at ya and jealous that u didn’t let me know the deal, meeen. Yes, i always repeat myself. Just know that u got competition sha.

  4. @mercedes, thanks for the link, saw the utube vid already tho..lol. hotness

    @ dee, thanks.. I feel u, its something addictive, I think Ive almost figured it out

    @sha. well, I am guessing it will run them maybe 30-40 pounds based on how weak the dollar is. but it does come with a lot, tell ur friend to email me and I can hook sme things up as far as recommendations

    @wienna..lol.. u cant stay mad forever and although competion could be healthy its too bad he wouldnt dream of it, Im a full time job with overtime sef.. ha ha!

    @shola. that guy is Tboy one of their friends, he works with Ruggedman, I think on his label

  5. Hey mamasita

    Got to watch the performance and i must say he has it all stage presence with is very important and his voice omg nne what more can i say…he is that deal right there lol….good job on his part….btw loving the new face of TP mehn big ups lol


  6. TP, I don’t know how you don’t burst with pride…I hv been rocking that song for ages. it so has that x factor! Once I found out that ur oga sang it, I was so proud. Congrats again…

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