Happy Vals Day

I just wanted to say happy vals day to everyone out there. I hope your day is filled with family love, friendly love, a lovers love and most importantly Gods love. My Vals day hasnt been half bad considering Im stuck here in LA when I really should be somewhere else but its been a very emotional day, a day of strong words and even stronger actions. Im sure you are like err T its 9 am, how has ur own vals day started? hahaha well my vals day started since yesterday considering im working on naija time.. Got a surpring his midnight message, then a surprising my midnight message, then another, then another. hahaha all I have to say is where ever I found him, may men from that place never finish. In fact God should produce more men like him, the world would be a better place. lol. If I could do it all over again, I would not blink an eye, and to think I almost ran.. hahahahahaha..

Heyyy, its vals day so I can afford to get a bit personal, you know those that know me can testify, the decision to get hitched has not been an easy one so much so my MOH asked me for the first 6 weeks if I am sure. I think she is just finally accepting that I have no problem falling in love. Well, to defend myself, its not like I wasnt interested in loving and settling down, its just that I have not been bothered because I have this outlook on life, I would rather stay single and have fun than marry a man that will give me problems, a man I am not proud to call mine, someone who I cant see as the father of my kids or a man that I am “managing”.

I am a very passionate person and in order for me to turn the other eye, I just can’t love you and if I cant love you why marry you. So I guess with that, I began to come across as unserious. I have had a few marriage offers, baby mama offers, hahaha even sugar mummy offers but I thank the lord that the final offer was something I felt was real, no scratch that, we felt was real, someone that understands me better than anyone else, someone that would not think twice before moving the earth for me and vice versa, someone that tells me and more importantly shows me how much he loves me every single day and most importantly someone I have peace of mind being with.

Anyways, enough of that lovey dovey stuff hahahaha.. my eyes are welling up. Oh gosh!.. lol.. ok big baby stop it o..Yeah relationships are something else arnt they? You learn new things everyday. Its amazing how I have matured in the past few years, when I look back at myself then and now, Im like wow!, you are a woman and I am happy about that. You begin to learn what matters and what doesnt, patience and how to love unselfishly.. Its a beautiful thing

ay ay ahhh so I heard it not all hunky dory sha o.. ehem, tell me something I don’t know.. .lol…The sucky part is when your relationship is out there, you get this whole people thinking they know more about you than you know about yourself thing, everyone seems to want to form an opinion, but at the end of the day the truth is we are human and will have our ups and downs, fights and makeups but the most important thing is how we get through it together. And oh no I don’t believe any woman is going to use juju to break us up and trap my man.. hahahaa, that one always tickles me. Gosh! I have heard it all… Anyhoo with that said, Happy Vals day again, wishing everyone the best life has to offer.

9 thoughts on “Happy Vals Day

  1. Awww girl, i wish you and him the best and trust me, i can see he is very into you.

    That day at the book signing…i was just gagging over both of you. Yall are too amazing.

    Plus i think you compliment each other in many ways.

    You will be a fine wifey and a fine mommy. Just remember Oba has first dibbs on the daughter…

  2. congratulation, am very happy for you. One can never predict how a journey is gon be till you begin, and i believe only God can help when it comes to relationships. wish you and 9ice all the best.

    Happy vals day.

  3. love is really sweet, wen u have someone 2 share it wit.happy vals day.4 me i had d worst vals day ever,got my gift a day early.then didnt just know how i manage 2 get food poisoning,so i spent d day mad sick,nyways next year would be better….TP,i pray it continues 2 get sweeter nd honey 4 u

  4. hi toni
    wonderful piece! There is nothing like finding your soulmate, the one who will stand by you through thick and thin. Keep up the good work, it can only get SWEETER!

  5. @omomummy.. thnx ma. I agree with u on that

    @bobby.. na so I see am o, thats nothing men as in doting, overprotective, loving, the works.. ehenn.. but there is one clause o, my princess has to be one and only, tis one that Oba has already started accumilating wives, u need to chase them all o.lol

    @ladi. thnxxxx

    @beyond & bookie.. yes I agree, God knows best and thnx a mil for d well wishes.

    @shola.. AMMMMMMMMMEN
    @coolgal, sup ma..

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