make money selling TP makeup in naija

Information on becoming a TP cosmetics sales rep in naija is now available. You can find that by clicking this link and please feel free to pass the message along to anyone who is interested.. Same rules will apply to London once I take another trip out there to set things up. You can forward the url or a shortcut is; go to the website, click on information, its the last item on the list

I am on day 5 of not sleeping properly, I almost had a melt down yesterday but we thank the lord. Someone says I am messing with an ulcer, I did not know lack of sleep causes ulcers. haha.. oh well.. nothing much to blog about, just wanted to throw that info out there.

BTW: the rep is not limited to makeup alone.. you know one step at a time. anyhoo have a fun wednesday

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  1. we use a cargo company out here and a clearing agent in naija.. you can usully find cargo companies in ur area but reliability is the only issue, i think cargo is best when you wanna ship something that weight 100lbs or so.

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