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I think this lack of sleep actually works soo much better for me. I have been able to accomplish things I have been procrastinating on for months. Next week, I will be announcing who the new face of TP cosmetics is. Lets just say she is very beautiful and I am glad I choose her. She will be the face of brand nationally and internationally would be her and another chick. The other lady, I have not decided on yet. I just have not seen anyone else that I am passionate about seeing them on product catalog, ads and stuff. Not like this young lady.. Maybe my next trip to nig, I could be walking on the streets and find some irrisitable looking chick..

Remember that photoshoot I talked about a while back, clean vs grungy.. all natural, seeing as most of the cosmetics are all natural I figured something raw would be perfect for my naija campaign.. Anyhoo, in a few days the website will have information on becoming a rep in naija, we are currently taking rep orders since people wanna punch me in the eye for not having places to buy. Let peace reign o because violence is not the Its not my fault, its just hard dividing myself into all these places but I promise this year things will be different. In fact london too, yall are next but for now, you know the drill..

Anyho enough rambling and on to the topic… this year will see a lot of Positive vibes from the TP Academy. TP apparel will focus a lot on designs from the Academy with catch phrases like Looking Fly Since 1980, School of Efikos, School of Fashionistas with corresponding designs…anyways you get where I am going with this.. Oh lets not forget the TP Academy Alumni shirt and this shirt can only be ordered by people who own at least 5 different TP shirts (and yes we will ask for proof) and oooo our baby wear, the cutest one I have right now says “my daddy thinks my mummy is a hottie” I can totally see my baby wearing that.. hehehe.. The looking fly shirt is out and it’s corresponding design is the peace sign with a revolving circle in it, pretty much encouraging world peace. Also, I am going to play with colors this time, lots of bright, bold colors. Yeah the shirts are a must have item, or so I hear..Which reminds me of a convo I had with my curious little cousin/apprentice( tryna train him to be a business man). So we are standing in line at the post office when he decides to scrutinze

Cuzzo: Aunty S, I have a question for you

ME: Yeah what is it

Cuzzo: Do you think you are weird because I have never seen anyone like you

ME: “laughs” err why do you say that?

Cuzzo: because you do not wear anything else, how come its only toni payne you wear

ME: “laughs louder” what do you expect me to wear

Cuzzo: I don’t knoow

ME: exactly, if I don’t like or wear my stuff then who will

Cuzzo: *shruggs* well its true sha

lol.. gotta love kids though, he is totally 12 going on 40. I never really thought about it but he is correct, 9 times out of 10 I am rocking something TP.. except of course its formal wear which I don’t carry yet. I think its because I am a Tshirt and jeans person.. thats what I am comfy in…Funny thing is when he helps me make a decision about a shirt or anything else company related, he says to me, he deserves 50% of the profit based on his decision…lol… thats our family capitalist.. He would make a good businessman one day with proper training. I already set him up with a recycling business, collect cans and get paid.. then he tried to plan a hostile takeover, claming CEO while demoting me the founder…. hahaha anyhoo back to work for me..

BTW.. in case you are planning a wedding in naija here you go.. I fell in love with the two decorations below , so Im like I gotta have that. Anyhoo, the CEO is Molara and she is totally awesome!.. I am sure after this whole experience is over I can write a book. Anyhoo with that said, naija has gone far o. I have seen some MAD cakes men as in to die for… its all so stressful yet exciting..

6 thoughts on “Join the Academy

  1. No wonder! I saw that ur hubby wore the Academy shirt(I think in the Future Awards pics)& I was thinkin’…I haven’t seen that b4…
    Nyways, I love it, gotta get one.

  2. he and my lil cuzzo got first dibs.. but I do ahve it available in nig and here now..

    @anon. yah im totally crazy about her deco..

    @minx.. I cant naaw cos the search still continues.. well the clue for the first one, she is not naija, the second one, hopefully she will be naija..

  3. you have no idea how fab Molara OF JWevents is until you work with her!! she planned my wedding which is featured on her blog
    and even though all the decor she ordered from yankee 3mths before the wedding didnt come thru, she pulled thru like a trooper and not only is her decor worldclass (seeing as she’s constantly going for evry preston bailey workshop!!), her planning skills are wow and she kept me calm on the wedding day when the oldies were trna chance my friends from their seats!! her site is at
    sorry,just throwing a word out to sistuhs

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