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I have not slept, I think I am suffering from some sort of anxiety attack, Im restless, my tummy keeps turning and I just can’t stop moving. Im curious to know especially from married couples or couples who have been together for a while, is it possible that 9 times out of 10 when your mate feels something, you feel it too? Like for instance, lets say everytime your mate gets a headache, feels some sort of body pain or falls ill, you do too. Sounds weird huh? I actually think its quite freaky!

Anyhoo I have some pictures from the future awards I wanted to share, but i have been too lazy to upload cos of file size so I’m just going to add them to my facebook… In case you wanna know what TP wore.. check it out.. excuse the background, our neighbour is currently rennovating his house….btw I am thinking of changing my hair, too much wahala. As in good example, when I was leaving NIG at the airport, at every check point I either had someone that either wanted to feel my hair, find out it its real or talk about it.. its tiring, not to talk of being asked out by old ass men.. arrgghh! yeah the hair draws too much unwanted attention.. You should see reactions when I walk on the streets in naija, Im almost expecting someone to come ask if Im mad..lol.. and naijas dont know how to hide it, kai!. People point, stare and Im like shit it really isnt that big. arrrggggghhhhhhh!

ooooooooooooo and I just love this picture with Denrele who is easily one of my fav people in the world.. he is about as real as they come, and we all know how I feel about fake people…

Anyhoo, out of my lack of sleep, i was blog crawling all over the place and ran into a comment I made on Lindas blog about 7 months ago.. Gosh time flies o, in fact sighs!!!!!! I remember when I decided to do that interview, too many things went through my mind, like how can you promote someone thats that good even though you are affiliated with them without sending red flags and tongues wagging… well, I decided fucc it, I really dont give a rats ass, put the interview up and I am glad I did cos now I can brag that me sef got to interview 9ice… hehehehehe.. anyhoo with the no1 song in naija right now, I’m glad to see that I was correct.. but then again I am always right..lol.. thats two for two..
Oh BTW, this is still in the works but my next project is pretty much set in stone, although I will not be doing PR for anyone else but Mr9, I will be working on launching the Toni Payne Image Consultants firm (name is not set in stone), which will emphasize more on personal image. This will include public image, personal style, damage control etc…. Lord knows I know a few folks who need the damage control bit..lol.. anyhoo that will be naija only, I already have a few clients waiting for me to say yes its official but I still need to put finishing touches on my overall goal for the company.. I have not heard of any image consultant firm in the naija entertainment sector so I think Ill be the first, maybe Ill inspire more companies to pop up, that would be cool..
Also, I have decided maybe its time to go back to school to brush up on my video directing and editing skills. I used to be soo good, got the degree but never followed up. Not a bad idea to try it again huh? Oh and I am looking into joining that feminist org in nig.. yeah that would be cool..
restless mind = plenty ideas..

9 thoughts on “going through it + pictures

  1. I think u’re restless about your upcoming wedding. Chai, u really tripped me with this your dress o. Hmmm…dat cleavage na something else. Where did u put your hand in that 2nd picture sef? I’m loving Denrele’s outfit for once.

    You know, u and dat hair style of yours are inseparable. It’s your signature look. It’s one of those hairstyles dat gets the tongues wagging. Leave em, make them talk now.

    Hmmm…u and directing. Does dat mean u wan start directing your boo’s videos? 😉

  2. Your spin-doctor services will be much needed in naija as per damage control, some of these people clearly need management telling them what to say otherwise they end up sounding and acting like fools.

    Also its entirely possible to feel sympathy pains for your significant other…

  3. @ shola & nwanyi.. thnx
    @wienna, nope not really.. Im restlessabout other things and ahh wot cleavage..lmao@ the second picture, we were talking about hat 2 weeks ago..

    @ladi.. seen! but I dont mean that type of image consultants, as in not just dressing people, like a lifestyle image consultant for the entertainment sector. Its borderline PR but not really..

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