If I got a penny

Everytime I get asked this question. “How can I get 9ice’s new album” I would be buying my second home, lol. Anyhoo, the answer is the album is NOT out yet. It should be out end of Feb/First week in March 2008. I’m not even speaking on a “p” level but I swear that is going to be album of the year 2008. Every single track is on point, from love songs ( I have two personal favs), to reggae tunes to hip hop, dance tracks, etc.. sha something for everyone, not to talk of contagious vocals, in fact a blend of everything. The album is also going to see something I have been looking forward to, 2 hot ass vocalists on one track…ok let me stop, ok let me not, seeing as I am in charge of publicity, yeah dudes and dudettes, the album is going to be fayaaaaaaah!.. lol ..

Anyhoo just FYI: The only thing out right now is the single Gongo Aso, I know there are fakes out there on the market already which brings me to the topic of pirates.. They irk the hell out of me, like how do you just want to reap where you did not sow, you take someone’s hard work, copy it and make money from it. Pirates deserve epe every night I swear..lol.. arrggh they make me sick.. So what’s going on now is, they took the single Gongo Aso, added it to a bunch of other songs, some from his last album “the Certificate” and are selling it as his. I have heard soo many stories, last one I heard was a pirated CD titled Gongo Aso with his image on it.. like whooaasssssaaaaa!….some are even added to other artist songs, I guess they call that a selection CD.. whatever that is, its still wrong..

Anyhoo so I was thinking, it would be cool to form a union, Musicians Against Pirates (MAP) because this problem has to stop and I still don’t get why the govt won’t intervene. I heard through the grapevine the pirates are very powerful, so much so they even have their own union. That’s crazy huh? A union for stealing from others.. hahaha.. Personally, I think the govt won’t do anything about it because they don’t think there is money in that industry and too bad because they are dead wrong. These pirates are making millions from other peoples sweat and they really need to be stopped.. anyhoo enough rants for one day.. When the album comes out Ill be the first to blog about it and will def have signed copies on sale online at nigerianentertainment.com.. hmm maybe we should take preorders sef….

anyhoo back to watching the Simpson’s, gosh its soo weird how I have religiously watched that cartoon for years, even when I was not allowed to watch it. I think I must have been around 11 or 12 when my mum banned me from watching it because of Bart’s bad behavior. She said I was going to pick up bad things from the show.. hehehe funny huh? still my fav cartoon till date, bad behavior and all..

Speaking of shows, it’s still in the air but I’m supposed to be working on some reality TV show in Naija soon. Its a show about models or is it pageant winners in a house for little while and they get tasks and learn things and I guess I’m supposed to head some of the tasks, teach makeup application, etc etc.. Anyhoo sounded interesting when they approached me with the proposal, will keep yall updated.

In case you did not notice, I am on a blog roll, I have been soo restless lately I cant get myself to stop moving..

3 thoughts on “If I got a penny

  1. finally a simpsons fan like moi,been watching 4 almost a year plus now.my fav character is lisa,played by yeardly smith.baths just a funny little bad boy.not 2 talk of marge nd her bouvea sisters.infact wen ever i see doughnuts i rem homer.nyways will watch out 4 d new cd nd d show.hope u have a fab weekend TP.Need i say ur a gd publicist ho.as per pirates havent i heard some naija artist say d

  2. d pirates though dey rip u off sometimes they help u.get ur music known.oh well,during charlie boy reign as PMAN president.he dealt d shit out of dem.sorry am posting twice blogging 4rm ma phone

  3. Can u blame naija and piracy. We too like freebies. We’re 2nd to China when it comes to this problem. I agree with Shola, charlie boy really stamped out on them when he was head of PMAN, i remember watching an interview he did then. One statement he really made then stood out, he said “He hated China and their people” or something along dat line. Although i know dat’s a very strong statement but when u think of all the fake goods they make, u won’t hesitate but agree with that kain of statement.
    Also, distribution definitely is a major factor. Look at the American music scene and other west countries, they have distribution outlets and stores where u can easily get these CDs. It’s not the same with the naija and africa music scene. Check for instance, we that are here in diaspora, some of us really want to get out hands on some of these CDs but there’r no outlets or stores here where u can get them from. One has to ask a friend or family back home to get it for them and u don’t even know if there’r fake or not. Or one has to get them online and some of these sites are fake as well or one might not even have the correct cards to purchase these cds. For example, i really want to buy the new P-square, Asa, Sasha and of cos your boo’s albums but i don’t know who i can send or how to get the albums.
    If naija music scene is really improving as so people are claiming, then this distribution has to be dealt with firstly.

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