sighs follow follow Gosh!

arrgh, anyhoo I remember posting a while back about the artist Zeal and I think I was asking who had a picture of her because I was curious to see what she looked like.. Well since then, I did get to see a not soo clear picture, kinda was like ok, well let me wait and see more.. Anyhooooo, so today I’m arranging my files and guess what I find… A picture of Zeal, lol.. a very clear one too..and the first thing that came to my mind was oh lord.. follow follow no good o… Now, the reason I am saying this is, the general consensus seems to be that she has a banging body but a not so hot face, so of course I was expecting to see medusa with j-lo’s body.. hehehe what a sight right..? and what do I see.. A CUTIE.. naija people sha, what is not fine about this girl here.. nice lips, well defined bone structure, nice large eyes.. God forgive all of them that said the poor girl is not fine o.. haba!.. so unless the picture below is not her, or I am blind, or maybe she is hella photogenic, Zeal is a certified cutie! plus she had my signature hairdo in that picture so she gets extra points for that..

Anyhoo with that said, I pondered about what to wear to the Future Awards.. I finally narrowed it down and lord I am not sure they the world is ready for me yet.. hehehe.. as in sighs! T, u r just toooo f-ing much.. lmao!!!…lol. ok, Let me shut up.. Lets just say we are going to be looking like rebellious debutante and TI the black white…my camera will earn its keep that I am still tryna figure out how to get my hair as wild as possible, there is only soo much teasing the thing can take in humid weather.. 🙁 Anyhoo, hint hint, I would secretly like to be seated with or next to a few bloggers but I wont name names. I am sure they know themselves though.

Well its Sunday, this week is going to be the busiest I have had in months but oh well, gotta work right. Anyhoo, back to my Cinderella dreams

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  1. ok…oluwa olorun mi dari ji mi, jo ma j’eki enu ati owo mi koba mi o. I know i was one of the people dat gave u an idea on what she looked like. So, i’m just gonna leave u until u get to the Future awards event, hopefully she’ll be there and u can see her in flesh and bones. Good luck with it again. Hope u get something. Thought the awards already took place. Chude clarified to me dat it hadn’t taken place yet.

  2. lol…@ the “medusa with J-lo body analogy…..ROTFLMAO…No mind naija folks o jare, funny thing is folks who go around talking crap about others are probably beat up 4m head to toe themselves…the chick is a total cutie…and i’m so loving the curly hair.

    On another note, i am so loving the jam u have going on here..heard ur man is behind this genius song…too bad i didn’t go to naija over the holidays ‘cuz i would have so bought the album…by the way is it out yet..and if so, how can folks in the states get thier copy?

    Oh! least i forget, congrats on the engagemnet…wish u all the best married life has to offer.

  3. Ok….for real now. Haven’t u recovered from the hang-over yet or you’re still in d mansion with ‘your boo’ ni? I don tire of waiting for an update o. Or else i go jabo u as one of my close friends.

  4. Yea…she sang this song, “everybody move your body, down to it or now do it”…something like that.

    She was in a group called ZANE.

    Wow. How time flies. I wonder what happened to her duet mate.

    Anywhoo. All the best, Toni.

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