Such disrespect..

Lord, If I start telling stories I swear Ill be here all day anyhoo, I have been experiencing life, hehe. as in things I said I would never do, like for instance, I have turned into champion driver in Nigeria.. ok Mode F doesn’t think so but he also doesn’t think I can dance either. Anyhoo so sometime last week I drove all the way from OGUN state.. This is a super big deal cos I could not see the poorly lit roads.. I figured out for sure that God loves naija cos how people survive on a day to day baffles me.. Anyhoo, I wont get into detail for now but pls help me with one question.. LASMA.. who the hell are they and what is their purpose in life besides being a public nuisance. and when I say public, I mean they are the biggest irritants Ive seen in a while.. and oooo the disrespect.. why is it that people cant seem to respect your property. Do you know how many time I have wished I had a taser while driving, as in if one more idiot hits the car with their hand, the swear Ill swear for them will be like childs play o.. So these lasma people tried to stop us, what did we do? NOTHING.. so Im like chop shit and dude took his stick and hit the car twice.. Now this had me boiling because he dented the car.. so I was like in fact typing it now is pissing me off.. Someone asked if I would live in naija, yeah if I could carry a taser and pepper spray everywhere I go.. I think there should be a law protecting citizens against vandalism by public officials.. what am I saying, naija has a (excuse my french) fucking long way to go..

anyhoo. thanks to everywhere for all the congratulatory words o.. I abi we really appreciate it.. He read my blog and started cheesing when he saw the messages, I think yall secretly made his day.. cos he said eheeeem… “confirm! goood goood Confirm!” hehehe wotever that means.. lol or he also said “elenulol

anyhoo will be back to blog proper next week. plenty gist

11 thoughts on “Such disrespect..

  1. welcome back T…I missed you..Was starting to wonder if they kidnapped you in naija or DH decided to have u remain in 9ja,..Abeg post gist jo

  2. wow.. 1st time of hearing the gongo song..TUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE is BANGING..really nice, me likes! them naija dj’s in jand shud berra start playin it.. or mayb its cuz i dnt go out these days sha 😮

  3. Hmm, LASMA. Their propensity to get you to wind down the window then stick their hand in to open the door has given me the reaction speed of a ninja.

    Tiger Tem – 1
    Lasma – 0

  4. Toni TOni, u dont know how to deal with LASTMA? After all ur trips to naija?
    Omo tell them to enter the car so u can go to station, and instead of station drive them inside an army baracks. Or get the persons name and throw a big military name at them. LASTMA will leave u alone.
    Welcome back.

  5. lol…dat’s for ignoring me all these while and for not hinting me about your boo. 😀

    Ma try me next time o.

  6. thnx yall, yah im officially back for now.. lol..

    @nene.. close but not quite he decided to be

    @sha.. 1st time ke? Ive been hollaring about it for a while naaw. next time allow them and then roll up aright when their hand is in and drive off.. hehehe ok thats mean but lol

    @pink.. well amany times as I have been to naija I have never really been behind the wheels that much, I normally just sit back and mind my own business unless of course if we get stopped by cops, then I become vocal.. but now I know wsup.

    @wienna.. wot did I do o.. I dint ignore u naaw

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