Welcome to 2008

I figured my first post this year should be meaningful so I wanted to leave yall with a message and I found the perfect video/song for that message so enjoy.. He has been too good to me and saying I love him just doesnt seem like enough anymore.. anyhoo, hope yall started off the year on a good note, I started mine with a terrible cough but high spirits. I am probably the happiest I have been in years, this new TP is amazing I tell ya.. feels good to be at peace with ones self… anyhoo b4 I write ten pages.. enjoy the video and feel free to sing along.. its a hot song..

1 thought on “Welcome to 2008

  1. hey toni. just passing thru ur blog. nice one. this special person u are always refering 2(just curious) is he 9ice? saw your pix with him (am not gbeborun)

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