holiday is coming, holiday is coming, no more teachers Goodbye 2007- a recap

I really can’t believe how fast 2007 went by. To think this is the 31st and in a few more hours we will be ringing the doors of 2008. I am very excited about 08 because 8 is one of my fav numbers and its an even year so many good things to come.

I decided it would be kinda cool to do a TP products recap, something like the best of the best in 2007 so here goes. I will be speaking from experience so even though I use most of the items, I will only judge the ones I used frequently

Best Face Product
This was a toss up between the Loose Powder Foundation and the Matte Finish Liquid Foundation. The reason the MFLF made the list was because of the finish, it gives this super flawless, I am not wearing makeup look after application. I sort of slept on it the beginning of the year but one day I had run out of my powder and decided to use it, lets just say it made my must have in my bag list. As for the LPF, I am a huge fan of mineral makeup because m color does tend to be seasonal so it allows me to mix shades to get what I want. The finish is excellent and I love the fact that it comes out great in pictures, looks like my skin is perfect (lord knows its

Best Blush
Ok I has started the year using Vixxen, I swore by this blush and no one could part me from it till one day I decided my outfit needed a toned down color, so I went with Sassy and yeah although I still like Vixxen in my mind right now, Sassy just looks way hotter on my skin tone.

Best Lipgloss
Hands down has to be innocent, only because you can wear it alone or mix it with other colors. I usually mix it with seductive or nubian. Innocent is the most popular color we sell in Naija as well and I can totally understand why. Its a must have for me.

This is a tough one because I am queen of eyeshadow but somehow I find myself always using a mixture of radiant black and either rich gold or bombshell. My favorite blue color hands down is Caribbean, my fav green has to be chartreuse, my fav pink is sweet pink and my fav bronze/gold is Bombshell and my fav purple is deep plum.

Hide the blemish
The flawless cream concealer is one of the best I have used. I only advice people to purchase concealer if you know how to use it because it can be easily abused. Trust me I have seen women with 10 gallons of makeup concealer looking stuff on their face, and you can just tell they are using the wrong products. Some naija women especially are sooooo guilty of over pancaking, white face, tan neck.. Looking like little I use it to hide under eye circles (yeah I am not perfect) and highlight and shadow parts of my face. This is once in a while though, not everyday because my loose powder foundation or my oil free powder does a good job on their own. I guess when i want to look like a barbie, I go the extra mile and I never overdo it.

I think so far those are the products I swore by in 2007 based on my needs and skin tone. I forgot to add the foundation stick, but actually I also use that on occasions even though it seems to be very popular as a stand alone.

Anyways enough about me, generally speaking, I think 2007 products for everyone else were some of the stuff I mentioned and more. I learned a lot this year and I hope to put what I have learned into effect next year. Out of all the products I named, if i were stuck on a deserted island and could only take three products with me, it would be my blush, loose powder, and lipgloss. 2008 I have made a promise to myself to hit naija by storm. I think I kinda slacked in that dept but I will fix it because MAC cant continue ripping ma folks off, 5k for powder.. kilode! with the price they pay for mac they could get two of my powders and enjoy it better…I personally don’t think their powder is as hot as and I am not being biased .. hehehe naa 4real..

Now on to the clothing..

In 2007 we saw the official clothing launch of TP Apparel and Akanke took them by storm. That girl right there was not taking any prisoners. I have to say Akanke was hands down the best seller….Im saying now, if you don’t own a TP tee by now, haaa u r slacking big time as in in fact, we dont want u in the click… hehehe.. ok maybe if you beg Next year is going to see more graphic designs but because of the popularity of this collection some style will also be retained next year and some will be special order only..

Now for the tees, I think Akanke, Sweetest Dreams, Taba Soko Soja, Music for ur soul and the Lifestyle tee killed it. Funny enough the signature tee which I only made available in certain places would have killed all. We have a few new signature tees coming out next year, yup! I said a few because for some reason people seem to like to wear the actual name. Still tryna figure that one out, ok well secretly, so do I, I attributed it to narcissism but maybe I am normal after all. hehe.. I keep getting the question of where to buy in Naija, I think I have mentioned it a few times on my blog. but if you missed it.. It can be found easily in Surulere, 1 Adelabu Street.. and anyone that is fronting that they cant (in british mixed with yankee accent) “go to the mainland” or better yet wanna ask me “where is surulere” cut the crap…lol.. if u live in lagos and dont know where surulere is by now errrr no

What to look out for in 2008
More Spots
More Bling (and custom bridal bling egnaija bride” “Mrs O” “Maid of Honor” etc in bling
More Tees
More Shows
More TP
More Ideas
Easy accessibility
Taking over from MAC and MK in NIG.. (long over due)
and last but not least the

Have a safe and blessed new year.. May all your wishes, dreams and aspirations for 2008 come through. Wishing you all what you wish for yourself.. see you in 2008. God Bless!

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  1. Hmmm….TP baby…sounds like u’ve had a very busy past year. Hope d new year would be much prosperous for u. And i also pray dat God will touch your heart, so dat u’ll send me dat T-shirt and 9ice’s private #. lol

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