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First of all.. I just wanted to put the word out there that I am looking for new retailers in Naija for the makeup and tshirt lines. I would prefer high end boutiques and beauty places with price points similar to mines. Like if you sell 200 naira lipstick, chances are it wont work out. If you know anyone that may be interested please let me know. Please I like to keep my business simple, my terms are pay upfront, sell, reorder just like I do with my retailers here, no exceptions, and I absolutely hate being posted, post me once and I will not take you seriously again, I love communication.. let me know where you stand and Ill keep the ball rolling from my end. Life is just much easier that way…lol…I have a new retailer in naija for the shirt…I have to get her official business contact info for yall. but as always we still stay selling at 1 Adelabu St.. in surulere.. Also, I am looking for one very unique chick that can help market the stuff in naija.. as in have leadership qualities and be very aggressive.. basically I need a right hand woman that lives in naija..someone I can trust for 2008 I really want to concentrate on the naija market so I plan on being very hands on.. anyhoo anyone interested can email me .. please you have to be fun and very down to earth.. I am not too keen on ridged people.. not my personality..

Ok so I heard through the grapevine aka that the Future awards will be taking ads for their booklet.. anyhoo I though this was a great idea ( not because yours truly was nominated for 2 categories) hehehe.. but because I kinda sat back and analyzed the situation, 1. the cream of the crop of our future generation will be there and more than likely these are the people you want knowing about you and what you are offering because they will more than likely be the current/future decision makers (I’m talking long term business relationships)..

Anyhoo I was thinking someone like me, I am like soooo clueless about loads of businesses that could be useful to me out there and I am kinda lazy so if I find you fine, but I really don’t put in an effort into finding people so events like this helps.. anyhoo just got thinking that its not a bad idea. For me I think I would be looking for businesses that are easily accessible, maybe a website, and that can be useful to me either here or in naija.. anyhoo, with that said not sure how you can advertise but I do know that they have a facebook group here so I reckon you can contact them.. or yeah on their website too . Ill try and get a contact number to post on here later… Please if you offer event services advertize jor..Im having a heachache finding folks that do that in naija.. ie.. hall decorators etc..

hmmn bTW: 90% chance I will be at the event so if you see me holllaaa!.. supposedly, I tend to come across as a snob… but err its because I am very shy, not cos Im feeling ( I save that for rainy

with that said.. I posted instructions for getting your custom bling in naija on facebook but Ill post it here too..I already mentioned it in a previous post but I don’t think I posted details on how to get yours..

We are currently taking orders for Naija and to get your items by Jan 14th, your order has to be in and paid for by Jan 7th, no exceptions. Basically you get to pick your shirt ( long sleeve or short sleeve), Color ( make sure you choose an alternate color in case we do not have your color in stock, and design.

You can get your name, company logo, slogan, saying etc.. Below are instructions on how to get your customized bling. Prices start at $60 depending on design.. If you are just getting your name or other text expect to pay about that and convert to naira. All shirts come with a TP crest in bling on the back.

Decide what you would like on your bling

Contact us here or here subject BLING

In your email please state what design/text you would like and we will email you back with a quote and if you approve the quote let us know and we will send you payment instructions.

Once we confirm that your payment has been made, your shirt will be put in our production line.

Once your shirt is in production, you can no longer make changes so if you want something else, you should place another order.

Sit back and wait patiently for your one of a kind shirt

You can pick up your shirt at our lagos, Nigeria location anytime after the 14th of January.

PLEASE NOTE: This is on a first come first serve basis so anything not confirmed and paid for by the 7th cannot be guaranteed. If you have questions, please ask because possibilities are endless. You can even get your image in bling, but of course that would cost you much more

oh btw… I heard Soundcity Blast was a real blast ( no pun intended).. so I wanna know who went, please come and gist me.. also, I havent really heard anything about Rhythm unplugged, did it even take place? I want gist about that too if it did…


  1. Anonymous

    I live in NY currently.
    When u said u were looking for someone to handle ur naija market, 1 person came to my mind immediately. My cousin. she is phenomenal with marketing.Downright AGGRESSIVE and very down-to-earth.Shez married, trustworthy to a fault and her hubby has a good job so ur dough will be intact.
    i just spoke to her last wk and she said she was job-hunting again (after quitting for a maternity leave)which is why i remembered her as soon as i read this.
    Problem is if she will be paid good by u.
    of course, she doesn’t know i am doing this but i bet she won’t mind.As for her abilty to deliver. She will! And she lives in Abuja if u need to know.
    if u are interested in meeting her, just tell me how to reach u and i’ll pass the message onto her.
    BTW, I love your blog and i read it all the time.

  2. BOBBY

    TP you should look into Azaria handling stuff like this. An email was sent out months ago about Azaria looking to carry other Designer clothings etc.

    I swear i had put you on the list to be emailed.

    We will talk sha. A phone call has been long overdue.

  3. Toni Payne

    @ anon.. I kinda needed someone based in Lagos but I really could use a rep in Abuja and Port Harcourt. I get tons of emails from those two areas and nobody to serve them. You can email me her number and Ill holla at her if she is interested. Its a fun job if you love makeup and what you are doing.

    @BGT..I dint get the email but I will holla at her. I even need to talk to u per those bags.. Will holla at u on FB

  4. wienna

    Hmmm…i’m still waiting on my free t-shirt and free 9ice album….

    Merry xmas in arrears btw and a blessed and fulfilled new year to u.


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