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I went to a friends wedding yesterday. It was lovely, had my wedding radar on, picking points and taking notes. Their aso ebi ( blue and yellow) made me realize how bloody important it is to pick the right colors. When the girls came out in their colors, they looked stunning, as in out of all the aso ebis there, theirs looked the best

I couldn’t help but wonder how much the wedding cost, what it took to plan it because I did notice a lot of fine details were put in place. Budgeting alone has been affecting my sleep..hehehe.. naa for real, yeah we have family bla bla bla.. but still I am just curious to know why people opt to spend soo much money on weddings, mine inclusive. As in if I flew to Vegas and eloped, would it make a difference? lol.. I keep threatening everyone with just that because the thought of planning such an event is kinda scary, all kinds of things go through your mind.

Like I know the type of person I am, Ill probably want our faces plastered on every darn thing…lol.. ok im joking but yeah, I told him yesterday I want all the silverware engraved, lol @ the very silent sigh that I happen to hear, had me rolling, but before he could land the sigh I salvaged it with “any excess or extravagance that I want can come from my pocket” I love when he disagrees, like oh no, we are in this together..hahahahahahaha suuuuuuuure!, wait till you see my complete list, you will change your mind quick. In fact Vegas will begin to look mighty good to him when Im and oh yeah, how many people is too many to have at a wedding, is 1500 too much? how do you do crowd control? how do you not offend people who cant get in without an invite. In fact too many flipping questions, hell my tummy is turning blogging about it. lol

See for me its like we do it all the way or we keep it small, no in the middle type of stuff.. and oh lord, ladies ladies, forget saying you know what your colors will be o, let the time come when you actually have to confront the colors issue, its much harder than that, in fact its a nightmare. I honestly think it could take up to 2 yrs to plan a proper wedding. I have always thought pink would be my color but would you believe pink is the third color on my mind.. sad in I’m thinking be practical, can guys wear a pink vest? probably not.

I have two friends getting married next summer and they are still in the beginning stages, as in, we we are on the same page talking halls, so im like hmmnn yall are about to run yourself ragged.. 6 months just seems too little. I used to say I could put a wedding together in 3 months, now Im like T you were sooooo naive. For those that have done it I commend you. ko easy.. I wish I could see peoples wedding checklists.. I have been lurking on that wedding blog by gbemi and molara and I am like learning new things everyday. I wonder if a wedding in naija poses more challenges especially if you do not live there.. hmmnn too many questions.. anyhoo merry xmas in advance.

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  1. hi bella,merry christmas o.just b4 i go to sleep,i tot of going thru all my favorite blogs and then i found urs…
    Bella,i found this ”aso ebi ”very interesting but as i was reading i stopped to wonder ,is like our ”bella” is trying to ring a bell,so,im asking,”are wedding bells on the way”?If yes why didnt u go straight to the point instead of using the wedding u attended as and excuse.u shd have tagged it,”it wont be easy preparing for my wedding”.anyways,i’ll stay glued to ”weddingblog”,okie?
    Stay kool bella,stay out of trouble this season and buona notte.

  2. @anon…abeg dis isn’t bella o, dis na our original miss Toni Payne aka TP, aka miss wedding obsessed.

    Honestly though TP, are u trying to tell us dat your boo has popped the question? Was dat d exciting news u were trying to reveal to us not too long ago?

  3. hahaha babz. I know you’ll hook us up 🙂 infact.. it’s a musto… I already like the first choice 🙂 AND YOU BERRA NOT BE A BRIDEZILLA CUZ OMO hmm we’ll tie you up real quick and drag you to the alter lol! Cut that in between hollering.
    Omo my list went from 550 to 50 and on a yatch 😉 Mumis is happy am happy :)so we are done all that 1500 Toni, lol and I know you know that many people loL!. Congrats babz… I’m stoked. lol! now if we can just get Virgin Atlantic to sponsor our trips to naija then we’re set. Maids get special treament o TONI

  4. @Wienna….i know this is not bella but Toni,the use of “bella” was just to praise her,it means beauty.

    Then let me use this opportunity to say once and for all”Congrats to T.P”
    and like Icy said “now if we can just get Virgin Atlantic to sponsor our trips to naija then we’re set”,me im in italy and i wont mind being a maid myself,just and invitation will do.ciao bella.

  5. @anon.. lol.. well…lol… maybe

    @boom.. sup mama, thnx for stopping by the other day. I should have hijacked some more brownies cos I finished the ones in the house and now Im craving more. 🙁 thnx ma, I hope u r saving money for naija sha Im not trying to say anthing.. this gal sha.

    @icy.. hmmnn trust me, my fam alone is I was actually thinking delta since most of u will be leaving from yanks, Im gonna do a meet and greet party when everyone comes to get fitted, so add ticket to LA to as per special treatment, haba, is is it not Toni, afi ki owo ma wa.. trust ur girl naaw

    @anon thnx maa.. haa being a BM is like joining a sorority, are u ready for the challenges?

  6. definately,i am ready(eru o bodo).anyways sha,happy new year and hope to expect “enough of goodies” this yr and to all other fellow blog readers,happy new year to u too,lots of love,ciao!!!

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