This video is too cute. I was gonna embed it here but the thing just refused to work so Im posting the link… (here u go) Funny kats..When ol dude to the left busted out the over the head yahoozee dance, i started cracking up. anyhoo if u know these guys i beg tell them to youtube it so it can be embedded this jumpcut thing taya
Update: Youtube Version has been Added..

2 thoughts on “lol..

  1. eyaaaa…but come o TP, dis your obsession with 9ice don come to another level o. How u even trace dat clip to dat site sef?

    BTW…pls tell 9ice to nitori olorun feed himself more. A few days ago, i saw him on AIT perform in Murachi’s album launch and he seemed to have lost weight o. Even if he’s coming to jand in d near future, pls tell him i’d like to invite him over to my place and fatten him up a bit.

  2. I keep up with things naw, thats my job

    well around that time he was bit restless but then again he has also added more weight but then again he was never big to begin with but then again he works real hard, pulls long hrs and doesnt get much rest sooo.. Ill let him no u wanna fatten him up, maybe on his way to yanks he can branch ur side… lol

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