OMG this is crazy…

Oh before I start ranting about my exciting news, did I tell you that Toni Payne now sells Lingerie? Yeah, the cute kind. I am a huge fan of lingerie, I think every woman should own at least 7 different kinds including 2 costumes.. Its just a total must, role playing is soo much fun and I think costumes help them seem a bit more realistic.. besides, Vals day is around the corner.

Ok soo I decided that the TP Ice was a great idea because I figured there were ladies like me out there who could not resist the effect of anything that blings. I dont know what it is but when I see something bling I am automatically drawn to it. I think maybe because my birthstone is diamond.. ok well cubic anyhoo I dont think the TP ice has even been online for 3 days and JEEZZZZ.. you need to see the response, now the shirts are not mass produced so its killer trying to keep up with production. Im looking at massive overtime pay:(

So now we kept getting emails about custom names, I was going to introduce it next year but before someone sends me hate mail for not letting them get it by new years I figured why not.. So now we have the customized name option here. I really wish I could describe how Gaudy these shirts are, they are just too fab, as in you will get noticed no doubt about that so its totally worth every penny.. The cool thing we are using the stones with the most cuts so it blings even more, no cheap rhinestone here.. not for Like I feel like having one of each, I think I have gone bling crazyyyy… anyhoo thats not the point of my gist now get this.. I thought the bling queen or addicted 2 bling would be the best seller so far but you know what the best seller is? “I NO FIT SHOUT” and nooo its not just naija people ordering it. As in I was doing like an analysis bla bla bla this morning and was shocked to see which one was sold the most… Anyhoo the certificate of authenticity that comes with it is soooooo cute, comes with a cute stone on the cert.. I should take a picture and post it..

Soooooo I already know I am going to get emails from people in naija saying how unfair I am and bla bla bla.. before una begin dey email me ( my pidgin If you are interested in getting one, you can cos I will resume shipping to naija early Jan, but you will have to pay in advance obviously, you can email me personally to consult about style and design and Ill hook it up. Prices will be equivalent to what we sell it here, the TP ice items WILL NOT be sold in naira cos I am totally not gonna devalue my stuff with the fluctuating money.. heck naaw.. so look at the dollar value, call ur local dollar pound dude and ask him the current rate and do the math, put in your order, drop the money and wait patiently to look better than your friends at the next party ( that one is for sure, unless of course your friend gets one too)

oooooo BTW.. if anyone is going to the sound city blast event on the 23rd at oceanview.. Keep your eyes on the stage and dont let the bling blind you when it

BTW: who are the best cake makers in naija? I am curious

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  1. nice nice very nice babz but me am wondering when i will get my own TP bling sha…..i keep looking in my mail for it lol…..ttyl

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