Fashion Showcase Video + Picture Time…

I decided to start documenting things TP on video, pictures etc, kinda like a mini reality tv .. Anyhoo this video was from this weekend, Sorry for the VQ, I thought I charged my camcorder battery only to find out the thing was about to die so I did not risk it, anyhooo thank goodness for cameras that can record video.. enjoy! Update: Pictures Added.. Thanks to the Photographer TJ (teez4me)

8 thoughts on “Fashion Showcase Video + Picture Time…

  1. TP, i’m disappointed with your choice of song on d reel. Aren’t u d same person who’s always boasting highly of 9ja music? So u want to tell me u couldn’t find any any good song among those to play? Still love d t-shirts though.

  2. @justme.. Ill be in your backyard sooner than later and boy am I j/k


    lb.. calling u in a hot sec

    wienna… lol, this gal, well I do support naija music 100% but that doesnt mean I cant listen to American music naw, besides the DJ picked the song and I liked it for the theme we were going for, it just worked too much for me to say no. Promise my next show will be naija music for sure. I have already started storyboarding Gongo Aso for my next show..:)

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