Hollywood Shopping Event

Toni Payne will be at the Hollywood Shop til you drop event this Saturday from 11-3. So if you would like to come down, you can email us to RSVP so we can add you to our guest list. There will be a Toni Payne fashion show at 1.50pm and its going to be hot hot hot… Confirmed celebrity guests include Cuttino Mobley, Eva Lerue of CSI Miami, Stacey Stas of Entourage, Cerena Vincent of Malcome in the Middle, and lots more.. and of course Toni Payne Tees will have special event discount on that day. Confirmed magazines include the infamous 944 mag, Los Angeles Times and loads more.. Its going to be a fun event, very laid back environment. When you see pink and blue balloons, you have pretty much found TP.. lol..

Anyhoo on to naija news, In an effort to further promote the GWG ( green white green) Toni Payne will be collaborating with the artist 9ice on some lyrical tees which will be sold here and in NIG, As you may already know 9ice is one artist whose lyrics are almost always very deep and or interesting. So wearable art and positees will have a temporary sibling called lyrical tees. As much as I would loooooooove to share some of the lyrics here, I wont, lol. but all will be from his up coming new album which I have admit is looking tres hot! Anyhoo to give you a clue, think Yoruba proverb + music for your soul tee. A lot of the designs will of course come in green and or white but not limited to that color..

BTW: the yoruba proverb tee is now available in super HOT green and white.. hmmnn let me digress for a sec, I was having a little discussion with my mum last night and she was saying to me, naija guys in naija prefer to wear small or medium tshirts, and im like naa im thinking medium to large. So we now moved on to colors, like she said stay away from white because they dont wear white, Im so curious to know if this is fact, as in, do majority wear blacks, browns, blues but stay away from white?.. I think white tshirts are cool, especially on females but I also love it on men, gives this clean look. Anyhoo just curious!

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