The Future

First and foremost, I just want to say I am looooooving this picture here, the shirt looks hawt on him, I totally looooooove how he wore it, this definitely has to make my “who wore it best” list. Im saying, Toni Payne is not just a brand, Its a lifestyle, now why I dont have that shirt in brown boggles the mind. hmmn, I have another example on facebook, B rocked the Akanke in red and hahaha the attitude was on point.. gotta ask if I can steal it for my blog.

Anyhoo, Its about that time again and nominations have started for the Future Awards 2008. I was nominated last year but was the runner up, proud of my certificate all the same, it is hanging in my office like I won o. hehehe! Anyhoo you can click here to nominate ME!!!!, your favorites, lol.. eheem.. * coughs * Well If I get nominated again this year *coughs * errmm *coughs* gosh my maybe this time Ill win.

BTW: I just want to say thanks to everyone who has voted for the fox 11 bit so far, I went on that page and was touched, naija folks are reaaaaaaaaaaaaly making my head swell. I also wanted to say a big thanks to Ladybrille for the support she has been showing me, woman you know you rock:) and Linda thanks for putting the word out for a sister, yall are like my sisters from another mother.. hehe and everyone that voted, omo second place no easy o when you are up against bigger businesses, so thank you guys for the support.

Anyhoo, its so funny that most of the time I never really stop to look at what Im doing or think about it because I just get so overwhelmed with day to day activities but when you live like I do, everything you do becomes a part of you, normal routine. Like 99% of the time, I see myself as someone trying to live doing what I love and then I get that email from someone saying something so darn sweet, the keep it up messages, or I see the response from people showing their support and Im like wow, its much more than that. I promise not to disappoint, but I can say one thing is for sure, I am never scared to fail because It has never been my portion. anyhoo, yall are too flipping much and I appreciate it.
BTW : If you live in Australia, we have a new store that will be carrying the Tshirt line. Info will be posted on our website when we update.
One last thing, I was thinking I would try my hands at videoblogging? hmmnn not sure if its a good or bad idea but oh well, we shall see. anyhoo, gotta go get ready, going to a spa, lord knows with the way the past week went, ( the biggest drama I have ever faced in my I need it.

5 thoughts on “The Future

  1. Another dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum….dat guy looks HAAAAAAWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTT! He looks like Taye Diggs but he’s cuter sha. Who’s he?
    Australia ke??? Why not UK? R your products in demand over there?

  2. lol… this girl wont kill me with laughter.. Well there is a demand for in in both places but the UK, I need someone willing to work the line there properly. I have someone like that in Australia which is why Im going there, but Im open to all countries.

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