DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!! ooooooooooooo

This really sucks, for 2 days now I cant get this friggin song out of my head.. Well, since I am such a sweet person, lol. I figured Id infect yall with it too. The damn song had me drop a single tear two nights ago hehehe. It was weird how it coincidentally kinda hit close to home, hours after I heard it, too bad I’m a big forgiver but not a big forgetter huh? Very sweet song, and lord if 2faces voice gets any more addictive Id have to transfer his vocal cords to mine and make all that cheese.. lol anyhoo I have done my civic duty and added the video, the video is crap but the song is HOT so enjoy..

Speaking of Hot songs, I actually have the first single off 9ices new album, which is set to release sometime next year.. I swear that song is HOT to death.. and Im not speaking because of affiliation, if its not hot I wont say it is.. hehe but men Ok anyhoo before I go on and on, Ill yousend it by tomorrow (with permission of course) and put it here so yall can download it and judge for yourselves… ahh one more EXCITING news, ok this news is actually making me all giddy inside as in I wanna giggle and jump for joy. My TP bling tees are going to be here in like a week or so, If you don’t know, I am the biggest bling fanatic EVER! so having tees with TP on it that blings just makes me wanna do cartwheels. lol. Its costing me an arm, a leg a nose and part of my thigh, but men I dont even care, Its looking well worth it. s think of those BEBE bling tees but it says Toni Payne. total hotness as in awo’pa! (wear till it fades)..lol

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