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Before I go on to the topic for today I just wanted to talk about a recent interview I did with the artist 2shotz. I swear that guy is one of the funniest people I have ever encountered, as in I had tissue by my side from laughing too much. Anyhoo he made mention of an artist called Zeal, now from his description of this chickala, I am dying to see a picture of her so pls if anyone has a picture of Zeal, holla at me with it.. anyhoo here is the interview.. you should also read the other interviews in the current issue anyhoo on to my topic..

I am sure I am not the only one who has encountered this problem. When someone goes, where are you from, its like err should I say I am nigerian or american, well technically I am both but technically again, I am american but really I am nigerian. Gosh this can be confusing. lol. Usually I just say LA if its a brief convo because I hate having to go into details or explain myself. Like yeah my dad is naija and my mum is naija but she is really american who feels she is 100% naija but leagally she aint and yeah well technically cos my dad is naija I am naija too and even though my mum is technically yankee she considers herself naija and bla bla bla. Gosh I feel bad for my kids.. Maybe I should scratch the idea of going to have them in France. That would really confuse things. So Im wondering in reality, lets forget where your heart is, if you are an american citizen and have lived most of your life in america but your roots are pure naija what do you claim? Like my little cuzzos that have never even been to naija be claiming naija. lol. naa actualy they claim “African” lol.. that always cracks me up. When you ask them where are you from, some of them will say ” I am from Africa” and o dont let my mum, Mrs Nigeria 1900-10,000 be there o, she will give them a history lesson. I call her Obasanjos wife.. lol

Now I know what it feels like to be mixed, errr well my dad is indian and my mum is black but I am more black because I grew up with my mum but then again I am indian because my dad is indian.. phewwww! the confusion!. anyhoo I did this interview with this spanish mag today and when the question where are you from came up, I almost said, technically or really? lol. anyhoo I went for really and repped naija. Even went into detail about our wonderful culture and how its something to be proud of and how oprah and all them need to quit it and stop trying to make naija look bad with their one sided shows. BTW: I think I know what Oprahs problem is, I heard one gist one time that some naija guy was cashing checks under Harpo and made away with a lot of dough under her name/company name. I don’t know how true this is but I heard this back in 2001 or so, so maybe she has a 7 yr old grudge.. who knows.

So Oprah and that dateline dude can kiss our naija u know whats. We rock and they just cant understand it.. and errmm all them naija 419ers with their ashejus also need to stop and quit making us look bad.. and the govt, stop the greed and spread the loot, create jobs, infrastructure. We don’t wanna have to think about where we should be claiming any longer. If naija were fab people wont be moving out and having babies in yanks.. you dig.

Ah! I havent even finished typing when I saw this on facebook
Headline: Nigerian kid heats Up american hip-hop Scene
Body: Washington, DC – a city known for many things, but hip-hop isn’t one of them.Enter wale – a 22 year-old first generation american of nigerian-bornParents, the first mc out of the district to truly make it beyond the midatlanticRegion.

sooo is he naija or american?

BTW: I am soooo excited about something that I kinda wanna share but wont..lol. don’t you hate when people do that, like if you are going to say it, say it.. teeheee.. one clue:Song, Ill post the lyrics soon and Ill see if you guys can figure it out.

eheem: It has come to my attention that I have a good number of browsers on my blog who stop by, read, and dont comment.. haba! well I guess I cant be that boring if you guys come back.. anyhoo just saying hello to the ROM folks out there..

7 thoughts on “Where are you from

  1. Hey Toni, you just said hello to me. I really like your blog. I always make sure I come on see whotz popping but never comment. I will try my best to start commenting on da post.

  2. hmmm….TP…first and foremost..love dat 2shotz interview, quite revealing though. D dude just yabbed all those 9ja babes, he’d better be careful though b4 those unilag babes beat d heck out of him. I kind of feel him on d Zeal thing too. Dat chick is sooooooooooo ‘wowooooooo’, let’s just say her face is very amoebic. I’m sure u’ve not heard dat word b4 aight?lol He’s right dat she’s got a very good budunk too, better than Buffy Da Body’s own. It’s a shame u don’t know her.

    About d nationality thing…i understand what u mean. I feel sorry for people like u dat have american or british accents already, cos it’s like u don’t really know which nationality to claim. I’m quite fortunate dat i’ve been in jand now for over 10 years dis month and i still got my naija accent, even though i was born in Austria but i grew up in lagos. So, whenever someone asks me where i come from, i say 9ja straight-away.

    Don’t tell me u’re planning on singing as well???

    BTW, those wedding pics u took, u didn’t take a picture of your budunk.

  3. guy’s name is wally, sings dc music kinda like chuck brown. about the nigerian 419 thing it is really hard especially at work. i work with a data-mining company and a few years back some group of people were able to gain access to our database by posing as customers and made away with huge data including SSN (was in the news then and caused huge uproar). anyway they were caught, and guess who the culprit was, a Nigerian! can you imagine the disgrace. me, a young successful exec from naija, noone said anything to me sha. but they did not need to. i was mortified especially months later when i got a call from one of our network guys asking questions about my computer. turned out the stupid pc for some reason was hacking into other ppls’s computers within the same company but at different locations.

  4. @anon.. lol. I see, well a name would been nice too. maybe next time huh

    @wienna.. yes o! very very revealing. Can you get me a picture of Zeal? Well, see u fall in the same category, being born in Austria, doesnt that make you their own? and or lord, me sing ke? dont wanna blow ear drums..
    and hmmn I actually have a budunk shot for u..

    @anon2..lol.. oh that woulda sucked. Reminds me of my old job when we used get all those scam emails, quite embarrasing.

  5. pamelabraide”eheem: It has come to my attention that I have a good number of browsers on my blog who stop by, read, and dont comment..”

    *meekly* I am sorry ms t-payne. I wont do it again. Love your blog and the very idea of you as a naija sis. Keep it there… hugs pam

  6. Ms. Toni – kai, too bad this a public forum oh, che u get my drift? hmmmm…….Zeal is not exactly a “friend” of mine but she is kinda an acquaintance and we bump into each other, hi, hi kinda thing. she seems to be a sweet girl, like a kitten or puppy kinda sweet sometimes. and funny enough EVERY guy that i know that knows her is like “DAAAAAAAAAYUM” that ass is whoa. personally i don’t see it but i’m a girl so i guess i can’t get it. but it’s nice to see that all nigerian guys seem to align on one thing….ZEAL’s badunk! It might be a national monument soon….

  7. I still say I am Nigerian even though I am a citizen, I make that very clear at work because they need to know. Being the only Black/Brown anything in the company, I want them to know I am here cuz i am smart not because of any of their little programs. Neways, Oprah really pissed me off that day, now I can barely watch her with that useless disclaimer she had at the end “now all you Nigerians don’t start writing me we know there are a lot of good ones but blah blah blah.” Hey its not my fault people are greedy so it does not phase me, you get what you ask for. I actually had my co-worker foward me an email from some Naija 419ner a while a go. I asked him why he did it and he thought it was funny. I guess that is what I have to deal with. Another man (Client’s employee) has been talking to a “naija girl” wanting to marry him and move down here. I have warned him that it is risky but he keeps talking to this Mary Moore girl. Hey I have done my part.

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