My first Heartbreak

It all started Saturday morning, I woke up to prepare myself for a long day at work. Seeing as I had woken up a bit early, I decided to kill time and surf the web and that was when I saw it. I can’t believe he would do this to me, at first I tried to convince myself that it cant be true, no he would never be,he was just too fab, what would happen to my dreams, my fantasies, do I have to find a new candidate..? I had to ask again why, why would my future baby daddy do this here to me!

lol…….just kidding o, heartbreak ko, heartbreak…….. ahem, Jaded June, I know for sure you are curled up in your bed right now crying about this.. hahaha. Ok so I found out this weekend that super hottie, Wentworth Miller may be Gay, gosh why is it the super fine ones. Id be totally ok with the not so hot men being gay. Like no wahala. lol. If you do not know who Wentworth Miller is he is the dude from prison break and he is pictured below.

Then again, Perez hilton does talk a lot of crap, but then again again his crap usually turns out to be true. Gosh even the so called boyfie is a flipping hottie. Sighs!.. Well Ill still oogle at him sha, Gods beautiful creation should always be admired.

This reminds me of a little incident that happened to me a few years ago. I and my friend U, went to this lounge/mini club in Santa Monica, so we are chilling upstairs looking down at dancers when the most gorgeous guy walked in. I’m talking finer than Mr Miller up there fine. So I poke my boy like dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum. Anyhoo, of course a lot of girls were up on him. To cut a long story short, so he walks past me, grabs my elbow and says nice shoes. I was like in my mind ” get the fucccccccc out of here, did he just stop and say nice shoes” lol.. Anyhoo he continues to talk and whispers in my ears, I really just wanted to tell you how gorgeous you are, at this point I’m looking over my shoulder like, Halle Berry must be behind me. lol. j/k

Anyhoo we talk for a little bit and standard, he asks for my number, bla bla, but me I was like hmm I wanna know more, actually I just wanted to oogle at him some more. lol (big mistake). I should have just given the bobo the digits and hollard later.. So we sat there and talked for almost an hr. During this convo, bobo told me he was bisexual, and he was going through this phase and he realy wanted to marry a girl but felt he needed to explore first to make sure bla bla bla.. Nothing against being bisexual but he totally lost me there. I still swapped numbers with him though because he did seem like a cool guy, plus I appreciated his honesty, but when he called I couldn’t just get it out of my head, plus he just had a whole lot of other family issues and me I no like drama. Eventually I was like yeah buddy you would make the hottest male friend that I can oogle at and nothing more. I like my men 100% sure of who they are and what they want. Dint change the fact that he was probably the finest man I have seen till date. Tall, pretty grey eyes, beautiful skin, tone body, just YUMMM. lol

4 thoughts on “My first Heartbreak

  1. Toni…..if they sent you, pls tell them I was not around….abeg jor, the rumours are just that……rumours!!!! lol

    If anything he might be bisexual, cos a certain blogger told me he jammed Wentworth in a nightclub in london and he was all over some ethiopian chick!!!!!
    And anyways, Perez Hilton does talk crap…..just cos he’s gay, doesnt mean that every other guy in Hollywood shud be…..he shud stop dreaming jor!


  2. @wienna, I like you jare, you are very efficient. well, I cant see her face but I have an idea, I was more curious about the yansh tho. hehehe

    @june.. *singing* baby dont cry no more, wensworth cant be yours, baby dont cry no more.. tra la la

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