New store in the heart of Hollywood

After a long time weighing and thinking and contemplating and maticulating ( lol hey that could be a word), and gesticulating, and salivating, lol, Toni Payne is finally going to be opening its doors in Hollywood. The new store will be located inside Peeler a trendy celebrity hangout/boutique/artistic haven/the perfect home for TP. Its soo friggin fab because you can buy tees, makeup and get a tattoo.
The grand opening date is TBA but there will be a pre grand opening sampler next weekend so once details, contracts etc are finalized I will post the flyer here. This is very exciting because the relationship between Toni Payne and Peeler just looks like one made in heaven, the perfect match. The store is located off Santa Monica and Western, minutes from the Hollywood walk of fame so you can come shop and when you are done go do some touristy things. Ill have pictures up for you guys soon but most importantly you can view clips of some of the events we will be holding on my new show. So if you are in the LA area, now you can come have some wine with me, that is of course, if you are not driving, oh yeah and do some shopping.
Talking about Celebs, now there is this issue I have been dealing with for quite some time. The issue is people calling me the naija Paris Hilton. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggh!, My friends and associates, but most especially my friends. Its like they have decided to gang up on me or something. Well I think she is cool and all but I also think Im cooler.. hehehe, naa I don’t see the connection and I think I had my chihuahua first. I don’t have a sex tape out there, ( I think, lol), I may have a small budunk but its sure as hell not that small, and I am not a party girl plus Im more than likely smarter. Its a conspiracy I tell ya.. They are trying to label me an airhead.. (even though I don’t think Paris really as airheadish and she pretends to be). anyhoo let me stop rambling. and post pictures as requested
weinna, since you wanted to see some pictures from the wedding… these are the ones I have managed to save. so enjoy.. I know for sure there are tons more on FB..

The couple had to arrive in style

The Lovely Couple: Uyi and Hana ( I love this guy to pieces mehn, great match)

They ask how I did it, and I replied it aint easy being T.. lol, went from this friday

To this Saturday 😉

The Fab 12 ( well I dont think you can see all 12)

Representing the city of Angels

The Original LA crew, (missing some people) many are called but few are chosen

have a lovely weekend yall.

7 thoughts on “New store in the heart of Hollywood

  1. hmm hmmm….oti poju. Say madama fun rare. I wish i had a supernatural power, so i can just show up at dat grand opening of dat store of yours sha. Lovely couple too. wish them d best.

  2. I saw these pictures already..

    Funny thing we used the same maroon dress in a wedding in 05 and it’s banging.

    You looked hawt and can I just say anybody who compares you to Paris Hilton is insulting you, there’s no base for comparison between you two.
    I bow in respect of you Opening a new place in Hollywood..You are an inspiration to a lot of women and I applaud you. I’m in the same process and I tell you my sista, it is not easy at all!!

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