Gosh! If anyone is thinking about starting their own business I cannot even begin to emphasize the importance of branding. Like, sit down properly, think of the perfect name and most importantly, do not limit yourself because what you start out with may not be what you finish with. If you are anything like me, you will not be limited to one industry so you want a versatile name, luckily TP is very flexible and can be used for almost anything, but if you pick a name like shoeology or tshirtsrus, and you decide you want to start selling makeup, chances are it will end up confusing you and your clients and you will most likely have to start a whole new company to do that.

Anyhoo, before I start going off on a tangent, the point I am trying to make is, its probably better to choose a versatile name, nothing specific and just work on building your brand, well at least till you have the loot and man power to handle 20 names like Donald Trump.. lol.. Heck, even Trump is a major brander too, Trump this and Trump that. My day has literally been hell because I had to go through so much paperwork to compress everything under one brand. So its going to be XXYX by TP and DDFG by TP and DDFFG by TP, with the common denominator = brand being TP. Names like Toni Payne, Onna Ehrlich, Roberto Cavalli, Ella Brown, Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, etc work well because they are not limiting and you can still identify with the brand and such names can be extended, like for instance, Brown, by Ella Brown, Just Cavalli, T-Payne, you dig?

Anyhoo let me not bore you with my rambling. Just thought Id share, and ooo always always consult a lawyer and accountant before leaping. This will save you a lot of headache.

Next topic: Vindictive people… hehehe

6 thoughts on “Branding….

  1. This is off topic but what is the deal with you and 2face, did you really date him? How can we be sure you are not one of his baby mamas.

  2. Our naija people sha.

    Anyways, TP…hmmm…u never emphasised enough on how good and talented 9ice is o. Saw his Little Money video last week here in jand. And i’m loving dat song o.Never knew he’s dat HAAAAWTTT too. Sometimes pics can be very deceiving. Kudos to him.

  3. @oriented.. no probs, well it doesnt even have to be your name per say just something useable for everything, trust me if you do a good job people will know you as that brand name, I chose to use my name cos well, its a usable name.

    @anon… lol

    @bobby.. Yes it is, very seriously, you know what they say about names.

    @wienna,lol@ u.. now you know to listen to me abi.. lol. when I posted about him, I did say I don’t promote bullshit.. Like it has to be that good for me to even mention it. well maam I am happy you saw for yourself.and yah he is a hottie, Ive told him to get ready to start fighting the ladies off.

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