good to be back.. i think

So I am back in LA, Im super tired but I have to admit it was nice to get away. The wedding was lovely, it was interesting to see one of our own getting married. The sermon at the church nuptials actually got me thinking hard, the priest put the fear of God in me, literally. lol. He went on about how marriage is a challenge and how you are making a vow and how you cant break it by doing this and that, and half the this and that he said you cant do had me saying, whoaaaa this is STANDARD.. hehehe does this mean I would really have to do a 360. Anyhoo, yeah men it was nice to hear him speak, caught and held my attention. As much as I would love to post pictures its past midnight so if you are my facebook friend, I think Ive been tagged in several pictures from the wedding.

Ahah, so I’m like such a friggggin LA chick I swear, like I never really thought about it but on Sunday night we went to NY. I had a great time taking the subway, walking around (not my first time though) but I was like, gosh, I cant do this everyday. This is fun when you are on vacation but living this everyday, waiting for some train, sitting with a bunch of people and lets not forget the germs, gosh the dude sitting across from me on one of the trains was casually picking his nose like it was nothing. Now get this, girls walking around time square in HEELS. lol. That I really could not get over, like how do they do it.

Now one thing I have always noted about NY vs LA are the men, gosh NY has some frigggin good looking men. Phew, they say the beautiful people reside in LA, but that’s a big fat lie. NY has gorgeous men, specially the Italian men, I think I fell in love twice this weekend. hehehe. Lord help me, Im so gonna get in trouble for this. lol.. Yeah! Also, the great mix of people, its like you can almost find people from every single country in the world in NY, also noted weirdos, especially on the trains. I would hate to take that thing at night. Anyhoo its good to be back, but not really excited about being back to work yet. BTW, the weather out here has to be hotter than hell. I came home and was like What the hell is this? teeheee

6 thoughts on “good to be back.. i think

  1. I saw ur pix from the wedding, my cousin was there.

    Looked good, you were in my hood.. I ride the train everyday, to and from work and I know how you feel, would love to drive but that’ll be suicidal.

    Funny thing is anytime I’m in LA, aside from enjoying the weather and landscape, I count every minute till I come back home.

    And yea we do have fine men and weirdos in abundance.

  2. @ oracle.. thnx

    @joy. we try hehe

    @my2cents.. lol I almost called you my 2 kobo, ahh how come you dint come with you cousin? Yeah I figured dirving would be equally as bad but it just seemed like the lesser of the two evils, oh except for the $25 parking everywhere. lol

    @anon.. well If I could see who you were I woulda said you are Haute too.. teehee

    @wienna..ok ok.. Ill do that with my next post..

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