as promised..

So I finally did it, I finally worked myself so hard I couldnt go on anymore. At one point I though I was literally going nuts but anyways, I was in so much pain yesterday I was scared I had an ulcer but we thank God.. nothing like that. Ive decided to take it easy for the next couple of days, maybe watch a few movies, read a book and get some needed sleep. No point working when you cant reap the fruits of your labor right? Anyways as promised here is the article by TP in the new issue of lne. I think you can click the image to enlarge and read it.

oo to those who emailed me about the eye shadow, the sale is over sorry! but there is a one cent sale going on now. FYI. its one shadow per order. Enjoy! and I do hope you enjoy the shadows, if you need tips let me know. With that said exhaustion lo ma run down.. lol… ciao!

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