talking freebies -` and naija music

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ooooooo and ok so Im such a lucky girl, you know how I really wanted Deola Sagoe’s Jeans, well Matthew Mensah, who is like the best guy in the world, who is also her publicist said he would get them to me soon. Yaaaaaaayy, a big thanks to Matthew.. u rock! Can someone say Rockability!, I am totally rocking the life out of em.. hehehehe, so wienna, hopefully my next budunk shot will be in my DS jeans.

On to other things, since I did the radio interview with NigerianWebRadio I have gotten several emails asking me why I named the artists I named as my favourite artists without elaborating.. o..k. well I dint elaborate because …… and no there is no bias like someone emailed. I simply like them and in no particular order, Ill briefly state why.
2face Idibia: unique voice, very creative, killer acapella, good stage voice, collabos usually turn to hits, addictive voice, has sex appeal,.. and my fave songs are African Queen, Ole, Love is a crime, true love, ocho, Odiya, in fact all his songs are nice

9ice: Unique Voice, Unique Style, Great command of the yoruba language, love the proverbial lyrics, very powerful on stage, usually leaves me wanting more, collabos usually turn to hits, sex appeal and my fave songs are Talent dey waste, Make them talk, Little Money, and his collabo with Ruggedman, Ruggedy Baba..
Ruggedman: knows how to play with words, his lyrics unlike a lot of rap doesn’t give me a headache, great stage presence, and my fav songs are ruggedy baba, ehen, rock da spot, boing boing, so idi ye.. (the one he did with durella, who by the way is another artist to keep an eye on) and in fact 98% of the songs on his new album. btw: I love this picture of him. tres sexy!

Lord of Ajasa: raw talent, influential makes me want to be razz lol, great command of his mother tongue, different spin on rap music and my fave tracks are I dey 4party, Bi Ere, Otiya (my fave on his album titled Its toooo much) .

Faze: only artist I know so far with his vocal ability, great range, great stage presence, kinda sexy and my fav tracks are kpokpodipo, Tatoo Girl, Kolomental, Faze Alone, Angel Gabriella and many more

One thing I noted was, a lot of the songs I like were produced by the same producer, ID CABASA, hmnnn so maybe its CABASA I like. lol.

I listen to a lot of Naija music and I usually tag the artists that I can listen to and enjoy their whole album without skipping more than 3 tracks good artists. I know some are expecting me to mention Dbanj, Psquare etc but Im not. For me I think psquare probably has the best put together stage presence in the industry but I dont know why everytime I hear their songs I always get this feeling like Ive heard it before and Dbanj has his sex appeal more than his vocal abilities doing the work for him cos lord knows he makes me want to find out what the koko is.. hehehe.

Other artist that would have made it if I were doing a top 10 would be Morachi he sang Hapuya like dat, Original Steroeman, he sang Ekwe, loooove that song, Danfo Drivers(mad melon and mountains black), Blackface( Im probably the biggest blackface fan I know), Konga(kinda), anyhoo these are the artists I see real talent in that I feel can break mainstream quick if they maintain their unique style and dont jump too much into what everyone has heard before, kinda like what Jamaicans did with Reggae/ ragga/ dancehall music. I remember before sean paul broke out and we used to go watch him perform at cheesy halls/clubs promoted by these Jamaican dudes out here in LA. Him, elephant man, Mr Vegas( had a major crush on him), capleton etc. Boy did I used to be a reggae head back then.. anyways, there are plenty others but for me, these are my personal top 5 faves. and oh, please all those people who keep comparing mode9 to ruggedman, STOP it. sighs! 2 different artists with 2 totally different styles..

with that said, I loveeeee the first 24 seconds of this video. Check out 2face’ s facial expression. Reminds me of the most adorable little boy I met in January. Full of mischief.. lol

9 thoughts on “talking freebies -` and naija music

  1. YYYEEEEEESSSSS!!!! Looking forward to seeing dat budunk. How can i get my hands on d free eyeshadow. Mind u, i dey for jand. I think u got mad crush on Ruggedman. I still don’t get d big deal about Blackface. He’s d least talented amongst d plantashuin boys and i still dont believe he wrote African Queen.

  2. lol…no crush… I love him to death but not like that…same way I love my bro, my sis, etc and I absolutely love blackface, well I am one of those people who, when listening to music, I listen to the beat and to the lyrics, blackface is a good writer. His first album was kinda political but I enjoyed 95% of the songs on it.

  3. Hi Toni Payne, I was just at ur website to see how I can get my hands on ur eye shadows 🙂 I undertsnad the whole shipping deal but does one need some kind of code to redeem at checkout or what? Me I’ve tried and tried o but still stuck at payment options. Thanks!

  4. no you dont.. the deal applies to everyone so the prices are set to 0 till tomorrow. Shipping is just to cover our cost to ship to you and handling, the product is completely free. It works for sure because we have processed a little over 400 today. Let me know if you are still having problems k.

  5. I hope it isn’t to late to place my order. I would love to try out some of the colors in your collection. I will head over to your website right away.

  6. i love ur top 5…..
    my top 5 will be
    faze,ruggedman,tuface,paul play and normoreloss… love naija music

    i am with u asper dbanji and psquare…..prefer psquare to dbanj…. love their slow songs… heard dbanj is coming to the states… i will not be attending…lol.

    nb: i agree with wienna.. u love ruggedman…. lol… he is so cute…ruggedbaba got me hooked.. the song he did for his cousin is really cool…
    nice post

  7. Loving this pic of Faze, this is the finest i have seen him.I love Faze’s voice so much, i love it when he does the high notes thingy.I remember him from way back on dbn(i think) when he won the competition.

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