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So I got my hands on the new Plantashun Boiz single .. I really want you guys to listen to it and tell me what you think. When asked for my opinion the first thing I said was, “it sounds like plantashun boiz” lol.. well duh, it is them. lol, but what I meant was it would have fit right into one of their old albums. Anyhoo, I do not know what I was expecting, but I like the song all the same, and its good to have them back even if its temporary. Men I wonder how much they will be charging to do shows. All three in one spot when faze and 2 were commanding at least an average of half a mil per show.. At least..

Anyways snce I am in a sharing mood, I have another song for yall to download. This song is sooo wicked, makes me wanna yahooze all night long. The other day I was in my car at a stop sign listening to the song and this old oyinbo dude walks up towards my car, at first I was about to roll up my window like why is this dude coming at me, then I saw him dancing.. hahahaha, that ish was too funny, so I let him dance for a little bit before waving and driving off. I have one of the hottest DJ’s, if not the hottest in the carribean club scene feeling the song, now thats very exciting.. The song is called Ganja Man – by 9ice , who by the way I will be representing soon as we work out the details.

YUP! I have that much faith in the guy, because a few artists have approached me for their PR and management that Ive turned down, not because they are not good but because I can only hype stuff I can vouch for, stuff I feel 100%, if it excites me, chances are it will show through when I talk about it, makes my job easier.

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  1. You yahooze? I am officially your friend now!!what!!
    I was at realoaded a few weeks back while in Lagos and some guys showed me the dance,I was jumping up and down like a kid in a candy store. That’s one of the most chilled dance I’ve ever seen.

    Miss naija on the real!!

  2. The new song ” Say you Believe Me” is good, they need to give us more of these. The song reminds me of songs like “Baby Don’t you know”, “Emema”,”Cousin’s Cousin” et all/
    @ my 2 cents- who ever came up with the yahooze dance needs to be giving an award for been creative, the easy foot movement and the tilting of the head , makes the dance so casual and easy.

  3. TP,i asked for your contact email addy in your previous post, u no give me. If i see u, and i whoop your budunk, ehn, i swear.

  4. @MY2CENTS.. lol. Yes I yahoozee..haha tell me about it, the dance is very addictive, makes u not wanna send. Ahh one day me and u shud have a yahooze dance off. lets see what youve got..

    @adeolu.. yah doesnt it. I swear it sound like something from the body and soul album.. I still listen to that album religiously. funny thing is I discovered plantashun boyz a bit late.. lol

    @wienna.. its toni at my website address get it? holla at me tho.

  5. Hey TP, i’ve sent u an email. Pls get in touch soon. Thanks

    BTW, i’m feeling dat new plantashiun boyz song.

  6. hi toni
    yep really follow ur blog,urs and linda ikeji but she seems so busy with wat shes going thru pls i really need to ask u a question u can post the annoymous cos my identity is very important u know we ladies we sometimes gist with name no offence pls.

    like five months ago a woman came to preach at my church and she came along with her son i saw him liked him and couldnt get him out of my mind am born again and i have feelings as well,now i think i love someone who doesnt even know i exist a few days ago i joined hi5 and saw him on,i dont know what to do take the risk of trying to meet him or just live life without trying,he has a couple of pictures with other girls and i feel like u know ,but its hard i have even prayed to get him out my mind and funny thing is a guy chatted me up on hi5 only to turn out to be someone on his list i havent replied cos i dont want to ruin my chance of meeting him ,yep toni i dont feel good i have never done this b4 try to meet a guy and u know wat toni ,i am gorgeous guys run after me not me doing the opposite,i feel bad and am in love as well i dont feel good if only i met him and he told me he wasnt available at least it will be better than this miserable feeling ,i try to push it away but its impossible. i have searched my heart i dont like him for the fame honestly i think but pls just advice me ,i really need it


  7. hey anonymous,

    First off, life is short so stop spending it worrying about little things and go for it, i know hi5 allowes you to post your relationship status. send him a message, it makes it easier because you have an ice breaker. “I saw you when your mum came to our church and bla bla bla”.. Once he replies, you can continue with, so wot do u do, will you be back, something along those lines.. then maybe when u r comfy invite him out..

    Yeah, when men chase u it kinda spoils you cos u end up feeling u dont need to put in an effort. Who is to say if he knows u exist, he wont chase you. Just let him know, hey dude. Im alive, notice me. To cut things short, we live once, I beg if he makes your heart thump, dont deprive yourself, go for it.

    and errrr darling, the fame part is where I got lost o. anyways check your feelings and ask yourself if u can see urself with him during hard times. if deep down inside, the answer is yes go for it. The biggest mistake you can ever make is being with someone cos of what they are instead of who they are, and the what aspect will fade and once it does, all you have is him, bad habits and all.

  8. hey toni
    thanks couldnt sleep had to wake up early to read ur reply thanks for taking time out i really appreciate it thanks alot,i was going through ur cosmetic line its great try and involve nigers u know back home who knows and yep i will try life is too short to be miserable, i will keep u posted on how things turn out hope it goes well,
    thanks toni i really appreciate u
    thanks am delighted

  9. it wasnt dbanj that came up with the step!it was some Aj City sturv(ajegunle)…theres a song called yahoozee style sef!i have seen the video

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